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Margaret River Hemp Co – Men’s Hemp Aftershave Lotion


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, mostly organic ingredients. Includes organic hemp seed oil, sunflower oil and organic aloe leaf juice.
Margaret River Hemp Co package and formulate everything in a local food grade single facility. The skincare ingredients are non gmo, natural or organic and vegan (certified Choose Cruelty Free). Staff are paid above award rate, and can always have birthdays and days off that are important to them.
Margaret River Hemp Co are EcoCert approved, grow their own Industrial Hemp and are vertically integrated - Farm to Face. Hemp is grown with no chemicals and minimum amount of water, is sustainable and will rejuvenate the soil. Hemp also absorbs more CO2 per hectare than any forest or commercial crop and is therefore the ideal carbon sink. The brand uses recyclable glass packaging, home compostable postal packaging and provides customers with the option to pick up in store in two locations across Western Australia. They have had no single use plastic for twenty years, in store or as packaging and plan to have plastic free lids on all their products., while promoting refill and 'fill your own' options within their local community stores.
Margaret River Hemp Co donates to, and sponsors, local and state non for profits usually in the form of prizes, gifts and raffles. For example, National Volunteer Day, South West Forest Alliance and Biggest Morning Tea. They also donate Hemp bags, Tees, prizes or gifts to sporting events such as Junior Underwater Hockey, Margaret River annual 1 km swim, Busselton Jetty Swim, Busselton Ironman and Kunanyi Trail Series. The brand plans to start conducting Hemp Farm Tours, to educate schools and the general public, on the benefits of Industrial Hemp for skincare, food, building products and bio-plastics. Margaret River Hemp Co is active in ethical marketing, with a weekly blog and 'Hemp Digest' that discusses how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

What our experts say...

Love how my skin feels after using it. A lot of other aftershave lotions leave my skin a bit red and irritated . but this was the complete opposite. My skin felt fresh and moisturised, plus I really like the earthy smell. Their passion for the industrial hemp industry is inspiring. I too believe there is so much hemp can be used for in industrial ways to help minimise our environmental impact.

–Luke McLeod

It’s really easy to use, full of natural ingredients, has a lovely light fragrance, isn’t greasy or heavy, and feels great after a shave. Absolutely love the commitment to good products, sustainability, education, looking after staff and community engagement. The company’s values strongly resonate with mine.

–Josh Reid Jones

My husband reviewed this product and had been a bit nervous initially, that it might cause his skin to break out. However, he happily reported that it didn’t leave an oily sensation and the lotion was absorbed well. He says it is really soothing and has a cooling, calming effect on his skin, leaving it soft and moisturised. The final verdict is that he really likes it and highly recommends it to others. I really admire Margaret River Hemp Co. for their commitment to not using single use plastics and trying to completely be plastic free by 2023.

– Emily Fletcher

This silky, honey myrtle scented organic lotion leaves even the roughest skin feeling smooth and soft. The aloe and hemp components provide a soothing layer that add moisture to the skin and are gentle on common skin conditions such as eczema.

–Dominique Scott

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