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Mary Grace – Sensitive Hand, Face & Body Lotion – Fragrance Free


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes apricot kernel and wheat germ oils and cocoa butter.
This Mary Grace product is made in Australia. Mary Grace does not support and/or endorse product testing on animals and is entirely cruelty free with no animal products in their ingredients list. The brand do not and will not conduct any business with or export to any countries that currently require animal testing, until the legal requirement of testing of animals has stopped and/or is prohibited.
All of Mary Grace’s products and/or packaging are recyclable or have been made from recycled materials depending on the item. Mary Grace does not support the use of single use plastic and has transitioned to mailer bags that are 100% biodegradable and compostable. They also request their suppliers to stop the individual wrapping of each product part and instead request that these parts be placed together in the same order. Mary Grace is a proud member of the eco-packaging Alliance that contributes to global reforestation. The brand also uses an app that allows them to track the carbon footprint of both wholesale and retail orders being shipped and pays to offset that footprint every month.
Mary Grace is a proud partner of i=Change; an organisation that connects brands with charities both nationally and worldwide. The brand supports Protect a Woman, Bushfire Recovery and Child To Recover, whereby $1 from every sale (wholesale and retail-separate websites) is donated to a charity of the customer's choice. The brand previously supported Empower At Risk Young Mums and Feed Aussies in Crisis.

What our experts say...

I think it is great to have a fragrance-free product in the market that is such high quality and natural; lots of people are sensitive to smell and it is hard to find good quality (non-fragrant) products. It is silky and non-greasy. I think it’s wonderful that Mary Grace were inspired from such an early age by Captain Planet – what a wonderful story.

– Rebecca Sullivan

I like that this absorbs really nicely into the skin and that it isn’t greasy. While I don’t have sensitive skin, I appreciate that they have formulated it without fragrance so more people who do have skin sensitivities can enjoy it. It makes my heart so happy that as a brand they will not work with any business or export to any countries where animal testing is a requirement by law. This is something a lot of big brands are still doing just to make money so the fact they are against this speaks volumes to how much they care about our furry friends!

– Marisa Robinson

This is a lovely product for sensitive skin using apricot kernel and wheat germ oils as hero ingredients. It feels very light and is absorbed into the skin quickly with no residue. I found it still moisturised my hands even after washing them. A fantastic all over body lotion which worked so effectively on dry, tired skin. Great to see this brand has a strong animal cruelty-free focus through their supply chain as well as a sustainability focus on decreasing single use plastics.

– Corrine Sultana

It is so refreshing to use a deeply hydrating and luxurious lotion and not be bombarded with an accompanying scent. I love that it is so gentle that I can even use it on my face. Ultra nourishing, this is the best fragrance free body moisturiser I’ve come across.

– Emily Fletcher

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