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Matcha Yu Tea – Everyday Matcha


Made from 100% Certified organic matcha green tea powder.
Matcha Yu Tea is certified Organic, with their manufacturing occurring in Japan. The brand is also certified in Food Safety (22000). Both internationally recognised certifications relate to ethical practice in relation to both the workers and tea itself.
Matcha Yu Tea’s products come in 100% home compostable tea packaging (including the label). The brand also uses 100% plastic free delivery with brown paper tape, cardboard boxes or mailers, brown kraft paper, paper honeycomb for packing material and home compostable satchels. In addition, they use a Carbon Neutral Courier - Sendle.
Matcha Yu Tea is a business sponsor for Australian Marine Conservation Society, contributes to blogs about sustainable practises in business and they attend regular beach clean ups through Beach Patrol and Sea Shepherd volunteering.

What our experts say...

I absolutely loved the matcha. The great quality is evident in the vibrant green taste and sweet flavour. It was so lovely to start the day with, and I’ll absolutely be buying this matcha in the future. Plastic free compostable packaging and postage was an extra added bonus – thank you for making a great product. It is wonderful to read of companies working with organisations to protect our oceans and actively taking part in caring for our earth. I particularly loved to learn of the beach clean ups and sea shepherd alliance.

– Jade Woodd

Smooth, not bitter at all, and even slightly sweet, this is an incredibly high quality matcha. I have become absolutely hooked on starting the day with my delicious bright green lattes. Matcha contains all the health benefits of drinking green tea except in a higher concentration as you are actually consuming the whole leaf. I love that these come from a single origin source and are in home compostable packaging.

– Emily Fletcher

What I love about this Matcha latte is that it doesn’t have that strong, overly-vegetal taste that some have. The taste is subtle yet well rounded, and I’ve really enjoyed whisking it with oat milk. I just love the Japanese ritual of preparation (and it’s been lovely to bring out my old matcha whisker… a purchase from long back!) I love that the green tea is organic and sourced ethically from Japan and that the brand makes extra efforts to be zero waste and use a carbon neutral delivery service.

– Emma Freeman

The fine, organic, vibrant green powder brings Japan to you through a wonderful antioxidant rich and caffeine containing cuppa. The addition of water and milk does not dull the matcha’s glorious pastoral tones, nor does it mask the grassy scents or subtle vegetal flavours of this smooth and creamy drink.

– Dominique Scott

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