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Mavella – Kombucha + Energy



This product is a blend of Australian Native ingredients like Kakadu Plum and Wild Lime, combined with Guarana and Green Coffee for a natural caffeine boost. It also contains superfoods such as Blue Spirulina, Australian Kakadu Plum, and Green banana starch. The freeze-dried kombucha and micro-encapsulated probiotics in this product help to support gut health.

Made from excellent ingredients including Kakadu plum, probiotics and green coffee extract.
Mavella has an Ethical Standards Policy that requires the brand to ensure that its products are sourced ethically and responsibly. Suppliers must comply with local laws, rules and regulations related to worker welfare, health and safety, environmental compliance and engage in professional business ethics. The policy prohibits the use of forced, bonded, or involuntary labour and child labour. Physical abuse, sexual or other harassment and verbal abuse are also prohibited. Moreover, suppliers must provide wages and benefits that comply with local laws and support worker welfare.
Mavella prioritises economic sustainability by sourcing Australian raw materials, using energy-efficient lighting, practicing green office habits such as only printing when necessary, and sending electronic bills and invoices. The brand also recycles all paper products and toner cartridges, uses environmentally preferable products and provides recyclable packaging for their Kombucha.about brand. They also use washable mugs, glasses and cloth towels in their office.
Mavella is a member of the Rainforest Alliance and their products carry the certification seal ensuring their ingredients are produced sustainably. The brand also engages in social responsibility efforts by providing sampling to those in need and supporting charitable organizations such as Ronald McDonald Houses, The Sanctuary Women, Children and Pet’s Refuge and Mater Children's Hospital High Tea.

Product reviews from our experts…


How wonderful it is to be able to have a gut loving Kombucha on demand! I recently took a few individual sachets travelling with me so I could add the carefully curated, watermelon-flavoured powder to a glass of still or sparkling water whenever I liked. A really clever product!

It is also wonderful to see Mavella ensures their supplies are sourced ethically and responsibly and impressive that the brand is a member of the Rainforest Alliance, ensuring all of their ingredients are produced sustainably.

–Dominique Scott


One of my favourite products. This gives me so much energy and tastes great. I love knowing it has so many health benefits. Being a member of the rainforest alliance is also impressive as this means they are produced sustainably. I love that they engage and support charitable organisations.

–Eljay Esson


This is an easy to use product that tasted great and I loved that it had probiotics to soothe my gut! I also appreciate that they are a member of the rainforest alliance and their use of suppliers with environmental compliance.

–Fiona Noonan

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