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Max & Me Estate – ‘The House Blend’ Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon Eden Valley



Max & Me Estate ‘The House Blend’ is a vegan-friendly, estate-grown Shiraz Cabernet from Eden Valley in Barossa Ranges. Its ripe-fruit profile is showcased by the fragrance, while its tannin structure exhibits finesse. This wine is made without fining.

Made from excellent ingredients. Made without fining and vegan friendly.
Max & Me Estate follows ethical practices in their winemaking process by prioritizing simplicity and minimal use of additives. They produce small batches of wine from single vineyards, ensuring direct involvement and meticulous attention to detail. This approach allows their wines to showcase the pure flavors of the grapes, reflecting the unique characteristics shaped by seasonal growing conditions. All of their wine is crafted in The Barossa, South Australia.
Max & Me is committed to sustainability in their grape growing practices. They prioritise minimal use of external inputs and focus on embracing biodiversity, compost and mulch to promote soil health in their vineyard. The brand refrains from using herbicides or insecticides, further emphasising their dedication to environmentally friendly methods. Additionally, Max & Me Estate utilizes renewable energy for their irrigation system and warehouse cooling, further reducing their carbon footprint.
Max & Me demonstrates social responsibility through various initiatives. They maintain a stable group of local individuals for additional labor needs, fostering long-term relationships and providing employment opportunities within the community. The brand's family trust, the Peter Lehmann Arts and Education Trust, actively supports numerous local causes annually, contributing to the betterment of the community. Max & Me has also made significant donations of olive oil to a local retirement home, improving the residents' quality of life. Additionally, they generously offer their land to a local sports club for family days and events, further promoting community engagement and support.

Product reviews from our experts…


Great bottle. Wine was full bodied, with nice, big tannins. I am also impressed by the exclusion of herbicides and pesticides and their overall approach to reducing their carbon footprint.

–Veronica Milsom


This was a lovely blend, I really enjoyed the wine – it was big and full, had it with steak and it was delicious. I also love to see a small family, making wine with sustainability and the environment in mind.

–Josh Reid Jones


This is a high quality wine that was exceptionally delightful to consume! Rich and full flavours but not heavy like some reds. The attention to details in the winemaking process and working closely with vineyards and winemakers seems to ensure high quality outcomes and as well reduced impact on the environment overall. Wonderful to see!

–Alena Turley

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