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Mayde Tea – Serenity


Made from excellent ingredients including chamomile, rose, passionflower and lavender.
Mayde Tea creates products that are made with organic herbs harvested in their native location where they thrive best. The teas are formulated by a qualified naturopath to support the nervous system, are free from artificial colours and flavours, and are hand blended and packaged locally.
All Mayde Teas are sold as loose-leaf to eliminate unnecessary household waste and to avoid the unhealthy effects that tea bags may have on the body. The product packaging is designed so that customers can reuse and refill existing high-quality glass jars when they need a top-up. In addition, all orders are delivered in 100% recyclable packaging.
Mayde Tea’s founder Kate Dalton is committed to empowering those around her and is passionate about providing education and support to help others improve their quality of life and enhance overall wellbeing. In addition, Kate is a guest author and contributor to Fête, Peppermint, and Food Matters. Kate weaves iridology, herbal medicine, nutritional interventions, and lifestyle coaching to bring about positive change.

What our experts say...

Opening the jar of this tea is like walking through a field of wildflowers. The ingredients are obviously sourced well and are all very functional.

– Rebecca Sullivan

A divinely relaxing wind down tea where I can feel my muscles releasing the anxiety of the day with each sip. I love how each certified organic ingredient has been specifically chosen by a naturopath, based on its therapeutic effects to support the nervous system. I also love that I can order refills – this tea is definitely staying in my life!

– Emily Fletcher

I love everything about this divine tea – upon opening the beautiful amber bottle, I am greeted with the scent and vision of a meadow: a colourful blend of dried flowers and herbs. Upon tasting, this tisane is subtly sweet, floral and incredibly calming. Has fast become my go-to bedtime tea! This heartfelt brand works hard to produce beautiful products that truly benefit the health of their customers. Love the reusable bottles.

– Emma Freeman

Concealed in a brilliantly bold glass bottle lies an aromatic and colourful flower garden. The blend is a joy to make up, as you watch the hot water changing from light shades of mint green to a deep golden hue. Each sweet scented sip brings with it confident camomile flavours, accompanied by hints of lavender and earthy floral undertones.Truly a serene experience.

– Dominique Scott

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