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Mayella – Skin Tonic Tisane


Made from excellent organic ingredients including organic calendula, chamomile, rosella and hibiscus flowers. Caffeine free.
Mayella is an Australian owned and operated business, which aims to ensure their ingredients are ethically (cruelty free, vegan, fair trade) sourced and do not contain bulking agents, artificial fragrances, toxic chemicals or questionable ingredients. In addition the brand’s products are certified palm oil and pesticide free and contain organic ingredients.
Mayella ensures they source all local and international ingredients from suppliers that adhere to fair trade and sustainable operation principles. The brand’s products are either in glass bottles or 100% recyclable HDPE tubs to best preserve the organic contents. For shipping the brand uses recyclable cardboard boxes, biodegradable tapes, tissue paper and soy based inks, as well as carbon neutral Sendle for national shipping. In addition, Mayella recycles incoming packaging materials whenever possible and appropriately disposes of materials that cannot be reused.
Mayella supports One Tree Planted, whereby trees are donated with their online purchasing (e.g., the regeneration of Australia's drastic bushfires 2019/2020 with selection of global planting). In addition, the brand supports their local community by donating to organisations such as AWLQld, Share the Dignity and the Currumbin Wildlife hospital foundation, as well as providing raffle donations and prizes to smaller groups.

What our experts say...

I like the functionality of this tea. I really noticed my skin being less inflamed, which had resulted from a bout of Rosacea. The brand has wonderful core values with a great Mother and Daughter story behind it. I also love that they use Sendle for carbon neutrality.

– Rebecca Sullivan

Light, softly sweet and fruity, I find this is the perfect tea for first thing in the morning before breakfast. I love that when I’m drinking it I’m not only enjoying the lovely taste, but I’m nourishing my body with minerals such as silica for hair and nail strength and anthocyanins (the blue/red/purple pigments found in plants) which have been shown to be potent anti-inflammatories and strengthen collagen fibres.

– Emily Fletcher

I love the mellow, slightly sweet, floral tasting notes of this wonderfully calming tea. The calendula and chamomile flowers keep it mellow while the hibiscus and rosella give it a subtle sweet acidity. A wonderful tea for detoxing and calming inflammation. I love this brand’s commitment to ethical sourcing of ingredients and sustainable packaging.

– Emma Freeman

All your senses are invited to take part in a spiritual tea drinking practice with this skin tonic tisane. The flawless flower varieties found in this exquisite blend are accompanied by wild aromatics. Each sip delivers a subtle sweetness that is beautifully balanced by grassy tones.

– Dominique Scott

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