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Mayver’s – Smooth Hazelnut Cashew & Cacao Butter


Made from excellent ingredients - simply roasted hazelnuts and cashews, cacao, salt and date powder to sweeten.
Mayver's embraces ethical practices through their understanding of the raw materials and ingredients they source. That is, where they originate from, how are they harvested, how are they consolidated, processed and finally packaged. Mayver's source their nuts from Argentina and Australia.
Mayver's embraces sustainability through considering where their ingredients and packaging come from, as well as how the packaging is used, discarded and recycled. For example, their glass jars have an easy peel-off label so they can easily be washed and reused. The jars are also 100% recyclable. Mayver's has reduced their waste stream by utilising recycling measures. The brand also uses solar power at their manufacturing site, reducing their power requirement by approximately 30%.
Mayver's has a local strategy for social responsibility, and sponsor local junior sporting clubs and charities through the Hobsons Bay Community Fund.

What our experts say...

I love the flavour combination and that this is like a healthy nutella. The spread is so easy to use in simple nut butter cups or on top of porridge and tastes great. I love the peelable labels making their jars easy to reuse and that they are using solar power and supporting the community via charities.

– Jade Woodd

I like that this product is jam packed with flavour, as well as the product’s integrity (you can taste each ingredient) and texture. Local commitment is great. Sometimes thinking local as opposed to always trying to support outside our own community or country is counter productive so I love that the brand really went local and with youth.

– Rebecca Sullivan

Rich, decadent and chocolatey, this tastes like a guilty pleasure and I was amazed at how healthy the ingredients list was! Sweetened only with dates and using nuts for body and creaminess, it’s the only chocolate I’m happy for my young children to eat regularly. It makes a wonderful icing substitute!

– Emily Fletcher

The classic hazelnut and cacao flavour combination, filled with the creaminess of the cashews, makes for a delectable chocolatey treat. Sweetened only with date powder, this guilt free spread could be eaten straight out the reusable glass jar it is housed in.

– Dominique Scott

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