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Meringa Cork – Gold Fleck Yoga Mat


Made from sustainable natural cork fabric and biodegradable TPE.
Meringa Cork strives to demonstrate good work values and integrity as well as set a positive example in all that they do. The brand uses natural and vegan materials and UV inks to guarantee Meringa Cork remains environmentally conscious and friendly.
Meringa cork is sourced naturally and is biodegradable. Cork forests have an astonishing ability to absorb large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere, and the process of harvesting cork material causes no deforestation. They have partnered with like-minded suppliers who minimise waste and turn leftovers, or cork off-cuts, into ecologically friendly products such as the brand’s natural cork yoga blocks. Meringa Cork is continuously aiming to improve their supply chain transparency and reduce their environmental footprint. They are currently exploring options for sustainable packaging.
Meringa Cork aims to inspire the Australian community to see the eco-friendly benefits of using cork products and contribute a portion of their profits to organisations that protect our planet.

What our experts say...

When I first opened this brand’s product set (Mat, Bag and Block) I was excited by its beauty. It just looks so beautiful. I could feel the product’s high quality before I started using it. The mat has really pretty gold flecks throughout, which sets it apart from other cork mats I have used. It makes your practise feel special and ritualistic. The mat is perfect for a Yin style practise (laying on the earth postures).

I love that the process of harvesting the cork causes no deforestation. Meringa have created a beautiful range of products that are kind to the environment and our bodies and are of a high quality.

– Melissa Mai

I am impressed with the amazing grip of this mat. It feels extremely smooth beneath my palms and toes and I find myself pivoting and moving between poses effortlessly. I love the gold fleck throughout the cork. A luxurious, comfortable, no-slip, grippy mat that’s super easy to clean.

–Emma Freeman

As I bring my focus to my breath, I am so grateful for my mat having no chemical smell! As I proceed to move through my poses, I am enchanted by the glistening golden flecks which remind me of the reverence of my practise. With a smooth top surface, I am surprised how much grip this mat provides and whilst not thick, it gives all the cushioning I need.

–Emily Fletcher

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