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Meringa Cork – Natural Cork Yoga Block


Made from sustainable, non-toxic materials. Natural grit cork, bound with a non-toxic water-based glue.
Meringa Cork strives to demonstrate good work values and integrity as well as set a positive example in all that they do. The brand uses natural and vegan materials and UV inks to guarantee Meringa Cork remains environmentally conscious and friendly.
Meringa cork is sourced naturally and is biodegradable. Cork forests have an astonishing ability to absorb large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere, and the process of harvesting cork material causes no deforestation. They have partnered with like-minded suppliers who minimise waste and turn leftovers, or cork off-cuts, into ecologically friendly products such as the brand’s natural cork yoga blocks. Meringa Cork is continuously aiming to improve their supply chain transparency and reduce their environmental footprint. They are currently exploring options for sustainable packaging.
Meringa Cork aims to inspire the Australian community to see the eco-friendly benefits of using cork products and contribute a portion of their profits to organisations that protect our planet.

What our experts say...

I prefer cork blocks in general as they feel sturdy/stable, which is so important in your practise when you’re looking for support from your prop. In addition, the cork blocks last forever. I love that the process of harvesting the cork causes no deforestation. Meringa have created a beautiful range of products that are kind to the environment and our bodies and are of a high quality.

– Melissa Mai

This was a HUGE favourite of mine from last year’s Awards! Practising with this natural cork yoga block has completely transformed my personal yoga practice. This beautiful round-edged block is quite a bit heavier than your average foam block, yet it leaves a much lighter environmental footprint. I love feeling that extra bit of weight in my hands as I transition through poses and place the block on my mat for support.

–Emma Freeman

Surprisingly firm, this block gives a great foundation. I really like the weight – it is much heavier than a normal block and subtly works my core as I move it around my mat between poses. The block is nice and wide and gives great support for balance poses. I love that it is created from leftover cork and cut-offs.

–Emily Fletcher

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