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Merino Kids – Cocooi Babywrap


Made from excellent, non-toxic materials. 100% superfine merino.
Merino Kids always work to ethical and sustainable manufacturing standards, using 100% merino wool sourced from New Zealand and Australian farms through Woolmark accredited farmers. The superfine merino is spun, knitted and finished in a new production facility in Gurgaon, India, a family-owned facility dedicated to the Merino Kids brand since 2012. Manufacturing partners are committed to fair labour practices and Merino Kids operates a “Family First” work environment so that the team are able to put their children and families first.
All paper goods are made with recycled paper or cardboard and are recyclable/biodegradable. No single-use plastic is used within the company, travel is restricted where possible and with faulty products, Merino Kids’ first and preferred option is to repair rather than replace.
In 2020, Merino Kids donated over 450 Winter Weight Go Go Bags to vulnerable babies living in refugee camps in worn-torn Syria. They also run a project called 'Bags of Love', where customers can either make a financial contribution at the website checkout or are encouraged to send in their pre-loved baby sleep bags, that are distributed to vulnerable families in need.

What our experts say...

I love that this baby wrap is so soft and smooth. I love the colour of the wool, with a really luxe feeling. Super soft, but also feels durable. Little babe did come unwrapped a couple of times, but that’s probably because he is almost 4 months and moving around a lot. This would be perfect for NB to 3 month old. I really love this baby wrap and wish I had one when all my babies were born. Super warm which is important, especially here in winter as we see snow. Loved this!

I really love what this business is doing, I love everything that they stand for, and would be happy to continue to support them. All the things that they are doing for others where they can is just really selfless, especially donating over 450 Winter Weight Go Go Bags to vulnerable babies living in refugee camps in Syria in 2020 and donating more this year.

– Samantha Gilmore

The Cocooi Babywrap is a unique swaddle design with only a few buttons and wings to wrap baby in. The sizing is generous, which meant it could fit our large newborn boy longer. I really loved the opening at the back of the wrap, allowing babies to be fastened safely into a pram whilst swaddled.

I absolutely adore the ‘Bags of Love’ initiative for families to either financially or physically donate pre-loved items to families in need. I imagine this would take a lot of pressure off of families.

–Shannon Rafaelli

As a new parent, one of the most stressful things I found was trying to work out how many layers to dress my babies in overnight or what tog to wrap them in. Merino wool naturally thermoregulates and this silky-soft wrap can be used for nearly all temperatures with no layers over the top, which makes life so much easier! I love the little shoulder clips which stop bub from wriggling out. Seriously gorgeous.

–Emily Fletcher

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