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Mikash – Retinol Night Repair Moisturiser



This retinol night repair moisturiser is specifically designed for sensitive skin. It is formulated with clean and effective ingredients to provide optimal results.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients, including quandong, Kakadu plum and marine collagen.
Mikash supports Australian small suppliers who share the same ethics. Products are made in small batches and not mass produced.
Mikash uses high-quality plastic and glass that can be upcycled for many years and no longer uses sticker labels, instead opting for pricey but worthwhile screen printing. They also avoid using bubble wraps and plastic tapes, using biodegradable options and their tissue wrapping is acid-free as part of their sustainability efforts.
Mikash has raised $75,000 for earthquake relief in Turkey and Syria and is training a non-verbal male who has been overlooked for work opportunities. They are committed to helping the community behind closed doors and focusing on social responsibility efforts.

Product reviews from our experts…


What I loved most about the Mikash Retinol night repair moisturiser was that it smelt and felt really fresh and cooling, which was surprising for a retinol based product. It also felt really nourishing and luxurious. I woke up the next morning with extra smooth, plump skin. This is an excellent night cream. I am also particularly impressed by their enormous fundraising efforts for a small business.

–Amanda Ramsay


This moisturiser brilliantly mixes retinol with Australian natives and marine collagen—a powerful combo that aids in boosting skin cell production. It’s easily and quickly absorbed into the skin and has a gentle, subtle scent. I did find this a little drying on its own but it works brilliantly when layered with a face oil such as rosehip oil over the top.

I love that the jar is glass and sticker-free and I’m also impressed by the brand’s efforts to support those affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

–Emma Freeman


I love the fact it is for sensitive skin, as I react to many products and I didn’t have any sensitivity. I loved the thick and heaviness of this product, it makes my skin feel truly nourished and hydrated throughout the night. My skin feels so soft and smooth when I wake in the morning with no dryness at all, like the product really works during the night for my skin.

I think what was most impressive to me was that the company was training a non-verbal male to work in their business who had missed out on work opportunities. This was definitely a highlight for me because of their efforts to go above and beyond what most companies (especially beauty companies) would do. I also love the fact they print directly to the glass rather than using a label which would be much more expensive but better for our environment and reduce their carbon footprint.

–Amy Maree

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