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Mikash Skincare – Calming hair & body wash


Formulated from very good non-toxic ingredients. Includes lavender, sweet orange and frankincense essential oils.
All of Mikash’s products are made in small batches, ensuring freshness. The brand ensures they have full control over their ingredients and how they are sourced making sure it is in accordance with their own ethics.
Mikash has switched to screen printing which means no more labels. Furthermore Australian made bottles and closures are used and customers can reuse these bottles for years or recycle them.
Mikash supports indigenous people in Fitzroy, by helping them with hygiene products and providing free products to single mums. Furthermore the brand supports Australian farmers.

What our experts say...


I have loved discovering this Australian brand and the care that has gone into the creation and use of natural products. The scent isn’t overpowering but just enough of the essential oils goodness comes through. It’s fantastic that they have made the shift to screen printing directly on bottles and are moving away from labels. An expensive exercise for a small business, the screen printing looks more professional and is kinder on the planet! The kids were a fan of this product too!

–Lee Sutherland


The Mikash Skincare Calming Hair & Body wash comes in a pump bottle that is easy for the kids to use. The gel-like wash uses lavender and sweet orange essential oils which smell great. The kids love this wash. I also love the support this business provides to local communities!

–Fiona Morouco


I love the lovely, bubbly residue in the water and the glorious smell the product left on my kids skin. This has been my go-to body wash since I got it. The product feels like it’s been designed with every sustainability measure in mind – not simply for box ticking purposes, but derived from a genuine care and passion for the future of the environment!

–Veronica Milsom

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