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Milari Organics – Green Baby Mattress


Made from excellent, non-toxic materials. Mattress: Organic coconut coir, organic Australian wool, organic latex, organic cotton. Mattress protector: 90% Organic tencel, 10% recycled polyester
Milari Organics is a conscious minded company committed to sustainability. Only 100% natural Dunlop latex is used. Organic wool is minimally processed and comes from Australian farms using ethical methods of production. Milari mattresses are produced in China from Australian and imported certified organic materials. The brand employs a master sewer with 25 years experience to hand make their mattresses to Australian standards. Milari Organics is an advocate for fair wages and they don't condone child labor.
Milari uses biodegradable and plastic free packaging, reducing their environmental footprint. Furthermore plain brown boxes with minimal branding and food grade cellophane are used. Every Milari Green Baby pillow boasts a stringent OEKO-TEX standard class 100 certification. 100% natural renewable Dunlop latex is used. The sap is sustainably harvested from rubber trees.
Any returns are donated to local charities and victims of recent flood events. Milari is committed to alternative ways to provide customers with savings. Their initial purchase discount and ongoing refer a friend program offers a long term saving to its customers and allows people the flexibility to shop slowly for their children's specific concerns and needs. During Black Friday/Boxing day sales instead of a price reduction on their products, Milari donates 2% of all revenue to non profit environmental groups.

What our experts say...


This is an exquisitely made non-toxic mattress which will last for the infant years and into childhood. I love that I can unzip the covers and look at exactly what is inside – pure wool, coconut coir and organic latex. Latex is on just one side of the mattress, with wool lined coir on the other side. This gives the mattress a firmer (safer for newborn) side, and then a softer side can be used as your child grows. The latex is 100% natural, which is very hard to find. I love that the mattress comes with a zip off mattress protector as well. It ensures the mattress is completely protected all the way round, as well as being soft, cosy and GOTS certified. I also love that the mattress comes wrapped in food grade cellophane instead of plastic, for a fully non-toxic and environmentally friendly product. I highly recommend these mattresses. They really are the pinnacle of non-toxic kids and baby mattresses.

–Emily Fletcher


I love that this mattress is made from natural, organic materials and feels so lush. The two-in-one infant and toddler mattress combined is a genius idea providing a mattress that will grow with your babies. I also love that it brings peace of mind to use the firm side for young infants, and you can then flip the mattress to use a softer side for toddlers! The outer cover that is both a mattress topper, protector and is completely washable saves me both time and money. My daughter has slept so well on this mattress and I can see why – it is super comfy and cloud-like to lie on! It also really resonates with me that the mattress is made from non-toxic, high-quality, natural materials – babies and toddlers spend a huge amount of their day sleeping and it’s important that they are breathing in clean air, so using a mattress made from 100% natural materials gives me great peace of mind. It’s also great to know that the brand is committed to supporting charities, environmental groups, and sustainable projects.

–Emma Meyer


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