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Milari Organics – Green Baby Pillow


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. Pure Organic latex core, GOTS certified organic cotton jersey protector and pillow case.
Milari Organics is Australian owned and operated. Pillows are designed in Australia and made in China in their own factory. The brand employs a master sewer with 25 years experience who hand makes every pillow. Milari Organics is an advocate for fair wages and they don't condone child labor. The brand offers ethical solutions to the problem of toxicity in commercial synthetic pillows. All materials chosen for the Milari Green baby pillow are non-toxic, sustainable and renewable.
Milari Green Baby Pillow is made with 100% GOTS organic certified cotton picked by hand. Every Milari Green Baby pillow boasts a stringent OEKO-TEX standard class 100 certification. 100% natural renewable Dunlop latex is used. The sap is sustainably harvested from rubber trees. Latex is both recyclable and biodegradable, and is also mold, mildew and dust mite resistant. Milari latex pillows are durable and made to last. Pillows are packaged in food grade cellophane and a plain brown box with minimal branding. Both environmentally friendly and recyclable. Pillows are then packed in 100% compostable, re-usable, zero waste bags.
Any returns are donated to local charities and victims of recent flood events. Milari is committed to alternative ways to provide customers with savings. Their initial purchase discount and ongoing refer a friend program offers a long term saving to its customers and allows people the flexibility to shop slowly for their children's specific concerns and needs. During Black Friday/Boxing day sales instead of a price reduction on their products, Milari donates 2% of all revenue to non profit environmental groups.

What our experts say...


This pillow is so soft and comfortable. I notice a difference in the way my toddler sleeps and feel really reassured that it is giving the correct support to his neck. Transparency with materials is one of the most important things to me as a consumer and I love that I can look at Milari products and feel confident that all materials used are safe for my family.

–Courtney Dow


It is soft and super comfy for my toddler (and myself as well). I found it easy to travel with and wash. I also love that each pillow is sewn by a master sewer and that the brand supports fair wages and low-tox.

–Rebecca Sullivan


It is essential that when it is time for a child to use a pillow that it is non-toxic. Having their head against it for 12+ hours a day, they breathe in whatever fumes the materials may give out. This gorgeous pillow is the purest option there is – 100% natural latex in an organic cotton cover. It also has contouring in order to keep your little one’s head in proper alignment as they sleep. My son absolutely adores this pillow and sleeps so soundly with it. I highly recommended this pillow.

–Emily Fletcher

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