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Minimal Essentials – Dishwashing Block


Formulated from excellent non-toxic ingredients. Includes Australian extracts of lemon-scented gum and eucalyptus.
Shampoo With a Purpose (SWAP) only works with quality suppliers (Australian sourced as often as possible) and all their inputs are eco-sustainable. This allows them to create a product that is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and palm-oil free. SWAP is certified by Orangutan Alliance; a non-profit organisation that promotes the reduction of non-sustainable palm oil in consumer products. Products are scented using essential oils. All bars are condensed through a triple milling process that ensures unbeatable longevity reducing unnecessary wastage. Staff work in a comfortable and supportive environment with a “family comes first” motto.
SWAP was the first Australian company to step away from tallow based and produce plant-based soap. The entire SWAP range comes in plastic-free packaging, including compostable cardboard, reusable aluminium tins or innovative compostable plastic. For shipping only recyclable jiffy post-packs, cardboard boxes, shredded paper, eco-friendly paper bags, biodegradable tape and packing paper are used. In the SWAP warehouse and through the production process; reuse, reduce, and recycle is incorporated. A rainfall collection water tank is also found on-site. SWAP aims to introduce even more eco-sustainable products so consumers can make more eco-swaps with a goal to initiate change at large.
Raffle donations are often made to local fundraisers such as schools, dance groups and sports clubs. SWAP further makes product donations to those in need, including their local homeless shelter and food bank. Each quarter they donate $1 from every Aussie Pet Wash Bar sold to local animal shelters. Furthermore SWAP supports like-minded small businesses by promoting them on their flyers along with social media collaborations. Societal and environmental change can only happen together.

What our experts say...


Completely zero waste, this simple little dishwashing bar is a fantastic solution to dish washing without unnecessary bottles, plastic pumps or carbon created due to heavy freight. It works well to remove food and grime from dishes and has a subtle lemon and eucalyptus scent. Works well when held under the tap while running. I love that this company is sustainable from the ground up.

–Emma Freeman


What a great dishwashing block! Smells great (lemon and eucalyptus) and works really well. Just a small amount is required on your sponge to suds up your sink. Practical size and didn’t get mushy (held its form) as it sat on my sink. Ethical and planet focused business practices.

–Corrine Sultana


Just loved this product, it smells amazing! My mind was eased that it was made from only natural, non toxic ingredients. Because let’s be real, if we read the ingredients across a number of other cleaning products it’s mind blowing. I found the bar easy to use, the scent was nice, cleans my dishes easily and it’s going to last a long time. Overall a great product and I can highly recommend it. I believe that they have created a strong foundation for a truly impactful brand, and it is closely aligned with my values on honesty, as they are very upfront about what they do/don’t do in the brand.

–Petria Leggo-Field

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