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Miniware – Silifold


Made from excellent non-toxic materials.100% food-grade LFGB Certified silicone.
Miniware uses non-toxic, all-natural materials. Plant based 100% biodegradable and 100% food grade silicone is used along with 304 stainless steel. All suppliers meet Taiwan SGS, US FDA and Germany LFGB safety certifications. All finished products are tested to ensure the production process doesn't contain any heavy metals or chemical additives. For products made in Taiwan, the government enforces the law effectively on issues of child labour, equal pay and access to employment.
Miniware reuses and recycles packaging boxes wherever possible to reduce waste. Miniware products are composed of a single material, allowing for easy end-of-life disposal The production process does not add chemicals or heavy metals, allowing their products to easily and safely break down naturally without contamination.
Miniware carefully selects the silicone to ensure the source and process are friendly to the environment and society. Multiple gatekeeping standards are in place: respect for human rights and labor standards, resource input, production and processing management to improve sustainability, and actively manage biodiversity.

What our experts say...


LOVE LOVE LOVE! I have already used this so much and I am just about to order another two so all the kids have one for long car trips! They are a great size, easy to close and very easy to clean. The silicone is soft but stable, AND I really love the suction function so my 15 month old can’t throw it and all the contents on the floor LOL. I like that they are reusing/recycling packaging where they can. I also love that their products are non-toxic, microwave and dishwasher friendly.

–Samantha Gilmore


This is a clever and versatile container that is great for feeding time. One of the best aspects with Silifold is the compact folding and the suction it has. I love how easy it is to use at meal time and for takeaway snacks on the go. It minimises mess and wastage, as you can easily fold and compact the container. I love the brand’s use of plastic free, biodegradable and nontoxic materials. As well as their dedication to minimising waste. This all aligns with my values towards sustainability and being plastic free.

–Shahrzad Kahrobai


This is a design which is so simple, but also genius. A baby plate which also converts to an easy portable container. Feeding a baby nutritious food which doesn’t come from a portable packet is challenging. This clever container is a serving plate and to-go pot in one. We loved it. The product in itself already reduced the amount of single-use plastic we were using at home, so it gets a tick from that alone. I also think that the company policies around ensuring supply chain safeguards are admirable.

–Amy Starr

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