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Miod Skincare – Blemish Gel


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, mostly organic ingredients. Includes organic pineapple, hibiscus and white willow bark extracts.
Miod Skincare’s products are made and packaged in Australia by a family-owned and operated business. Locally sourced ingredients, such as plant extracts and oils, are used as much as possible utilising a unique extraction process.
Products manufactured by Miod Skincare are biodegradable and minimal power is used in the Victorian-based lab in which they are produced. Orders are also packaged with recycled materials from other suppliers.
Miod Skincare proudly supports Bush Heritage Australia to sustain our land and provide a place for our wildlife, as well as RSPCA and Wildlife Victoria.

What our experts say...

This is very gentle for an anti-acne product. As someone who suffers from acne and sensitive skin, I really love how this product minimises the spread of my breakouts but doesn’t sensitise my skin at all. I love and appreciate the transparency of this brand. Donating to charities as often as possible is special and generous for a small brand to do, too.

–Madeleine Edwards

This is an excellent product that helps minimise the severity of blemishes and redness in the skin. The careful selection of nourishing botanicals helps to soothe and calm the skin. An excellent product for blemishes/pimples. I appreciate the brand’s approach to sourcing and selecting natural plant-based ingredients as well as supporting charities that align with my values.

– Shahrzad Kahrobai

While gentle on the skin, Miod’s Blemish Gel was powerful in reducing the size and redness of my blemish within 24 hours, continuing to work in the days that followed. It’s wonderful to hear that Miod’s production practices come at no harm to animals.

– Hannah Gay

Providing that little tingle when applied, which lets me know it’s actively working on my spot, I’ve found this really effective. With powerful but natural ingredients such as colloidal silver to act against bacteria and pineapple extract to declog my pores, this nips problem skin in the bud as it starts. This blemish gel is definitely going to stay in my arsenal against problem skin. Highly recommended.

–Emily Fletcher

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