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Miod Skincare – Eternal Beauty Serum


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, mostly organic ingredients. Includes organic bakuchiol, strawberry seed and sea buckthorn berry oils.
Miod Skincare’s products are made and packaged in Australia by a family-owned and operated business. Locally sourced ingredients, such as plant extracts and oils, are used as much as possible utilising a unique extraction process.
Glass packaging is used for the brand’s Eternal Beauty Serum, which is composed of natural ingredients. Orders are also packaged with recycled materials from other suppliers.
Miod Skincare proudly supports Bush Heritage Australia to sustain our land and provide a place for our wildlife, as well as RSPCA and Wildlife Victoria.

What our experts say...

A natural retinol alternative is on everyone’s wish list. So excited about this product for my 40+ skin. The inclusion of Squalene, Vitamin C and A, this packs a punch. A flirty fruity fragrance I enjoyed my evening ritual with this oil-based serum. It’s a really pretty one to gift or have on the vanity too. Looking forward to working this into my nightly skincare ritual long term. I would also use this as a perfume oil – it’s so fragrant. I also appreciate the brand’s efforts as a small business with charitable donations and the emphasis on supporting small.

– Amy Hughes

Well, this had me at the petals in the bottle! This is one I will continue to use long-term. It is not only beautiful to use and display, but the results and how quickly it absorbs is fantastic. I love the founder’s support for the land and the native animals. I also love that we can reuse the beautiful perfume bottles.

–Carla-King Turner

I love everything about this beautiful oil serum – from the bottle, to the sweet berry scent, to the way it feels between my fingers when rubbing into my skin. After a few days of use, my skin feels softer, firmer and plumper. I love that it contains Bakuchiol (a natural alternative to retinol), strawberry seed oil and a small amount of Vitamin C for my pigmentation. I love that products are handmade in small batches, and that the founder gives back to society via various charities.

–Emma Freeman

Delightfully fruity in fragrance and vibrantly coloured, this is an impressive formulation filled with active ingredients. I love how well it absorbs and my skin looks plumper and more even toned since using it. I love that strawberry seed oil is one of the base ingredients in this gorgeous elixir. High in omegas and ellagic acid, it has potent antioxidants which help to preserve collagen and brighten skin.

–Emily Fletcher

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