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Mitten – Black Medium Coarse Hammam Exfoliator


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic materials. 100% Silk Viscose (Floss-Viscose) threads, derived from tree bark cellulose fibres.
Made in Turkey, Mitten independently manufacturers products and does not use white labeling methods. The brand partners with companies that use fair trade practices, adult workers and have full insurance policies. Furthermore they visit and monitor the manufacturers practices. All ingredients used are 100% natural and cruelty-free which are made from plant based cellulose fibres. No silkworms, irritants or artificial dyes are used.
Mitten guarantees longevity of their products with a minimum 250 uses to reduce their impact to the environment. Products have been crafted to work efficiently in the shower to help conserve water. Mitten only uses 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Packaging has been cleverly designed to ensure it does not require glue or adhesives and is recyclable. 100% biodegradable postal satchels and bubble-wrap/carton mailers are used. Products are made using ancient looms which require minimal electricity use. Furthermore they only work with freight companies that have a National Carbon Offset Standard program.
Mitten are Australian owned and their operations are all in Australia. Annually they support the Good Friday Appeal to give back to the community. The brand works with small communities to donate products that have minor faults or seconds. Furthermore they have a 100% Recycle, Reduce and Reuse policy. Free over the phone or email skin consultations are offered to customers. Mitten also encourages all staff members to donate blood and volunteer within the community.

What our experts say...


This mitt is the best exfoliating product I have ever used. It works amazingly and easily, feels gentle against my skin while still truly exfoliating. My skin feels soft and clean after using it. Amazing! I appreciate the transparency of having the product made overseas while still ensuring safe work practices and use of traditional manufacturing that uses less electricity. I love that it is all 100% recyclable and that they give back to local charities and donate some goods to local organisations and homes.

–Stephanie Kurlow


When using this glove, I could tell that it was “doing the job” but it didn’t hurt. Some exfoliation gloves feel like they’re in the Freddy Krueger category of care, however these left my skin feeling soft and … buffed (for want of a better word!). Also, as I turn out to be totally shite at applying fake tan, I found this Mitt perfect for exfoliating and buffing out streaks. Really liked it. I love that it was made with raw, undyed threads. I liked that it wasn’t a nasty microfiber glove – they give me anxiety using them and imagining everything washing into our water.

–Emily Ehlers


I love that this product is reusable, the fact that it’s a mit also means I don’t have to worry about dropping the product (like a bar) or worry about the product dissolving before I have enough time to have a good scrub (a problem with sugar scrub). There is also no residue to clean out of the shower or to leave a ring around the bathtub. It’s great when a business actively encourages their staff to participate in charity work and donations. Mitten have aligned themselves with some great organisations that help women in business and encourage a community of like minded women to explore the avenues of collaboration over competition.

–Samantha Christian

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