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Mitten Body – Mitten Classic Mild – Face and Sensitive Skin Deep Exfoliator



Mitten Classic Mild deeply exfoliates face, neck and body with its uniquely woven texture, using warm water only. Within 60 seconds, it leaves skin silky smooth, promotes absorption of skincare products and creates a flawless base for makeup application.

Made from excellent, clean materials. 100% Silk Viscose (Floss-Viscose) threads, derived from tree bark cellulose fibres.
Mitten Body is a Turkish company that independently manufactures its products, avoiding white labelling methods. They partner with fair trade companies who have full insurance policies and only employ insured adult workers for mitt construction. They monitor off-shore manufacturers to ensure fair employment practices and use ingredients made from 100% natural, plant-based cellulose fibres, avoiding silkworms, irritants and artificial dyes.
Mitten Body is a sustainable brand that uses 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Their product packaging does not require glue or adhesives and is recyclable, and furthermore they use biodegradable postal satchels and bubble-wrap/carton mailers. Their products are made on ancient looms, which require minimal electricity use. Additionally, they work with freight companies that have a National Carbon Offset Standard program to reduce their footprint and construct their products from raw fibres/threads. They guarantee longevity of their products and aim to minimise over-manufacturing and impact to the environment.
Mitten Body donates to One Tree Planted for every product sold and supports the Good Friday Appeal annually. They also donate their products to minimize landfill as well to smaller communities like Disability groups and Aged Care. They are a member of the Australian Fashion Council to reduce textile waste and align themselves with other organizations to support local businesses and communities. Mitten Body has a 100% Recycle, Reduce and Reuse policy and offers free over the phone or email skin consultations to increase customer satisfaction. They also encourage staff members to donate blood and volunteer in the community.

Product reviews from our experts…


It’s easy to underestimate this mitt but it yields instant results by effectively removing dead skin cells. I like that it is plant-based and hence cruelty-free and sustainable in an industry that so readily utilises silkworms for this type of product.

An ideal product for travel, as you can roll it up and it takes virtually no space and performs very well without needing any other exfoliating products to go with it. Fair trade, fair employment, and cruelty-free are also all excellent values to implement!

–Neha Hobson


Where has this magical mitten been all my life!? There are no words to adequately describe how effective this exfoliating mitten is and how incredibly simple it is to use. After one use, my skin felt perfectly polished and my complexion was instantly brighter.

I love that Mitten Body uses 100% natural, plant-based cellulose fibres and therefore avoids silkworms, irritants and artificial dyes.The brand even makes their products on ancient looms, which require minimal electricity use – Amazing!

–Dominique Scott


I absolutely loved the innovation with this product. It did such a good job of exfoliating my skin without irritation. I love that it can be washed and reused. I love that there are various options for face and body depending on skin type. I’m also so impressed by the material used and the minimal environmental impact!

–Erin Norden

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