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Mizzie the Kangaroo – Mizzie Memory Match – 4-in-1 Flash Card Game Set


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. FSC-Certified and 100% Recyclable Paper. Water-based, non-toxic dyes.
Mizzie the Kangaroo products are created to the highest degree of quality by trusted manufacturers in Australia, Hong Kong and China. Mizzie products are tested independently to meet (and exceed) Toy Safety Standards across Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the UK, Canada and the USA. Mizzie products are all non-toxic, natural, and made with materials sourced through nature in an ethical manner such as Hevea Tree Rubber (recyclable), FSC Certified paper/cardboard, and water-based paints. All Mizzie the Kangaroo products are Non-Toxic, free from PVC, BPA, Nitrosamines and Phthalates.
From July onwards, every Mizzie The Kangaroo natural Rubber teether will be able to be recycled at the world’s leader in clean conversions, repurposing their rubber to build roads across Australia. Mizzie products are created with recyclable materials, non-toxic water-based dyes and FSC-certified paper/cardboard. The brand has made a conscious decision to use minimal packaging on their products. Only teethers need to be enclosed in packaging to keep them hygienic, this packaging is recyclable. Mizzie the Kangaroo products ship using 100% recyclable materials and packaging. Any extra material unused or returned is always repurposed and reused as fillers for product protection or stockist shipments and so on.
Mizzie proudly donates products to very sick children through the Starlight Foundation. The brand also supports local schools, daycares and kindergartens with prize donations for supplies or as raffle prizes to raise funds for charitable organisations. Furthermore Mizzie works in collaboration with not-for-profit organisation Multicap’s The Makeables, with their Australian assembled products. This initiative enables them to support the local community and create employment opportunities for people living with a disability.

What our experts say...


A fun, creative and educational game set that is perfect for curious toddlers. I love the colourful images, the design and the use of recyclable materials to produce the cards.I love the brands approach to minimising environmental impact, this aligns with my values.

–Shahrzad Kahrobai


I’m such a fan of all Mizzie products! It’s been so beneficial introducing my daughter to Mizzie when she was a baby via the teething ring, and then the Mizzie 3D Rubber Figurine, to the Sing Along Book, as she’s grown fond of ‘Mizzie’. So she was so excited to play with the new Mizzie Memory Match + Flash Card Set for Toddlers. What I love most about this product is that it cleverly has four different games in the one set. Currently my daughter is 2.5 and we have loved finding matching cards/images together, however I know we will have 1-3 more years of using these cards due to the various games available for different levels. This business has put so much thought, effort and action into creating products and a business that upholds integrity in the areas of sustainability, ethics, health and wellbeing and the education of children. I love how thorough they are in all they do.

–Melissa Mai


The kids really liked the bold designs, the Aussie theme and the fact that they had free reign to play a whole heap of different games with them – the versatility of the game is a real bonus! This company makes HUGE contributions to the local community, which is awesome! I definitely get the feeling from this product that the brand GENUINELY cares about the education of young brains and wants them to have great resources that are ethically sourced.

–Veronica Milsom

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