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Mizzie the Kangaroo – Mini Mizzie – 100% Natural Rubber Teether



Mini Mizzie is a fully recyclable 100% natural rubber teether. With a closed-in ring body, it is designed as a smaller version of Australia’s Original Natural Teething Toy®. Perfect for infants, mini Mizzie offers a safe and easy teething toy to use at home, on the go and even in the bath.

Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% natural rubber from the Hevea tree. Non-toxic Water-based paints.
Mizzie The Kangaroo is committed to having a positive impact on a child's development and community, with minimal environmental impact. The brand creates high-quality products that are independently tested to meet and exceed toy safety standards across various countries. Mizzie The Kangaroo also ensures that their products are non-toxic, natural, and made with ethical materials, such as recyclable Hevea Tree Rubber and FSC certified paper and cardboard. The brand is also strongly against child labour and partners with organizations that provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities.
Mizzie The Kangaroo has implemented sustainable practices such as using recyclable, non-toxic, and FSC-certified materials in their products, and minimizing packaging. They have entered a world-first recycling program in which their natural rubber teethers can be recycled and used to build roads across Australia. Furthermore the brand's founder has been invited to join the Toy industry’s sustainability committee, which allows the company's voice to be heard in promoting a more sustainable future for children's toys.
Mizzie The Kangaroo supports a range of local and national charities and give-back initiatives, including partnering with Send-Able to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities in their warehouse. They also donate products to the Starlight Foundation for sick children and support the Eagle Junction State School's music department through donations from the proceeds of their Sing With Mizzie SOUND BOOK. Additionally, they collaborate with not-for-profit organization Multicap’s The Makeables to create employment opportunities for people with disabilities and donate prizes to schools and charitable organizations.

Product reviews from our experts…


My baby has started to learn to grasp items in his hands and this Mini Mizzie is the perfect size teether for his little hands. I also love how the size of the teether is super convenient to pack and carry on the go. In addition, I love that this teether is made from non toxic materials and safe for my baby.

Mizzie the Kangaroo also does an excellent job in addressing their social responsibility to value people. This is evidently displayed via their no child labour policy, their partnership with organisations that provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities and via the numerous charities and give back community initiatives that they are involved in. Well done on displaying heart towards others!

–Renee Anthony


My children always went wild for natural rubber teethers due to their almost skin-like, soft rubbery texture. Mizzie also cleverly combines this with a nipple-shaped nose and ears to chew on. The Mini Mizzie comes as an easy to hold ring and is so easy to clean. I also love that there’s no way mould can get inside this toy and I can clean it completely. Highly recommended!

–Emily Fletcher


I really like the Mini Mizzie. I love the materials – that is made from rubber and nothing else. Pure materials and non toxic paint are also used, which is good!

–Dee Zibara

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