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Modibodi – Classic Bikini Moderate – Heavy


Made from a 95% bamboo viscose and 5% spandex outer, with a gusset of merino wool, polyester and polyamide.
Modibodi is designed in Australia and manufactured in China. Each year, the brand’s manufacturers are audited under the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), to ensure the ethical working conditions in the factories, including: freedom to gather, fair working hours and pay, health and safety, no child labour, and following the principles of the International Labor Organisation.
All Modibodi reusable apparel products are designed to completely replace single use, disposable products such as sanitary pads, tampons, panty liners, disposable nappies and disposable breast pads. The brand uses sustainable textiles such as FSC-certified bamboo from sustainably-managed forests, which is processed in a factory that reprocesses wastewater before release and uses a Waste Air Recovery System and an Alkali Recovery System. In addition, the brand uses biodegradable Merino wool that is harvested sustainably and manufactured without using harsh chemicals, organic cotton and pre-consumer recycled nylon to reduce the amount of fabric waste heading to landfill. The repurposed nylon is also produced without using petroleum which saves water, energy and additional Co2 emissions. Modibodi sends online orders in a compostable ComPOST parcel bag made from GMO-free renewable plants and compostable resin. The brand makes climate considerations by transporting approximately 90% of their garments by ship (rather than air freight) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Modibodi has donated more than 27,000 pairs of underwear to date to help people in developing nations, school children, the homeless, asylum seekers, victims of family violence, frontline workers and more. Some of the recipients include ‘Give a Pair’, ‘Bloody Good Period’, ‘Plan International Australia’, ‘The Good Box’, the ‘Maasai Water Project’ and ‘Good360’. The brand is providing 10 Aboriginal women with $1000 scholarships to help further their university education in partnership with NATSIWA as part of our commitment to ‘lifting up other women to help them achieve their potential’. Modibodi also works with partners to normalise conversations about menstruation and to educate school children about sustainable alternatives to single use sanitary products to manage their periods by supplying free sample products. Partners include the ‘Sustainable Period Project’, ‘Ready for Red’ and ‘The Period Place’. In addition, the brand works with ‘The Undies Project’ to promote sustainable period product options to people in need in the Hobart City Council area and also promotes gender equality through celebrating bodies of all sizes, genders, races and abilities in our designs and campaigns.

What our experts say...

The Modibodi Classic Bikini (Mod-Heavy) blends practicality, comfort and style. The use of bamboo viscose makes the underwear soft while also providing enough structure to feel supported. The best bit – they don’t feel like period underwear! The brand has addressed the full life-cycle of their product and its impact, as well as outlining plans for future initiatives. It’s clear to me that they’re genuinely invested in social responsibility.

– Brittanie Dreghorn

Super comfy and with a flattering cut (I’d recommend sizing up if you’re unsure), I can’t believe these haven’t come into my life sooner! When I’ve got my period, I want to be comfortable, discrete and confident and these let me do just that. They absorb so well that they stay dry, they don’t leak and they also absorb odours way more than a normal pad.

–Emily Fletcher

These are by far the most comfortable period pants I have tried thus far and I find myself wearing them on non-flow days, too! Especially helps with any other leaks (an unfortunate reality after having two babies!) And I just love the classic cut. ModiBodi is truly setting a standard when it comes to being sustainable and socially responsible.

–Emma Freeman

Made primarily from bamboo, these tastefully designed and beautifully soft underwear are a pleasure to wear. Despite having an impressive moderate to heavy flow rating, they are slim, smooth and comfortable under clothes. Importantly, they are also breathable and easy to wash.

–Dominique Scott

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