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Monk’s Chai – Monk’s Chai


Silver + Editor's Choice
Made from organic ingredients including organic fair-trade Assam Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Teas, Organic Agave and Organic Spices.
Monk’s Chai is an Australian owned and blended business, whose teas and spices are 100% plant-based and sourced only from Fairtrade and Certified Organic Farms from around the world. Monk's Chai supports local jobs in Melbourne and fair trade commerce in partner communities across the globe. In addition, the brand is a POC (people of colour) and refugee run business, with a social inclusion policy ensuring gender and racial diversity.
Monk's Chai only source through farms that employ sustainable organic agricultural management of their land and crops. The brand is adopting carbon neutral logistics for local and international deliveries to and from their headquarters. In addition, they plan to source high-quality compostable packaging.
Monk’s Chai supports many charities with their profits and is involved in various fundraising drives such as Beyond Blue and Give India.

What our experts say...

The flavour – such a beautifully spiced tea that has the most cosey effect. Easy to make and packed full of yummy spices. I have enjoyed drinking this product for years and was surprised to learn it was refugee run. Knowing that my purchase supports refugees would further entice me to support this beautiful brand. Sounds like an all out great company to me.

– Jade Woodd

A rich spicy chai with a really warming, comforting heat to it – for both the body and soul. Lightly sweetened with agave, which is just to my taste, I love that the ingredients are organic. I really commend Monk’s Chai for having a social inclusion policy to ensure gender and racial diversity and also for their wide ranging support of charities

– Emily Fletcher

This beautiful sticky chai blend contains organic orange pekoe black tea, agave for a natural sweetener and a winning blend of chai spices. I adore the option to go for a subtler or spicier option when brewing (I go for the barista method, by the way) and being a huge chai lover, I went for the “hero dose”. The resulting latte is sweet yet spicy, just the way I love it. Think I’ve found my new morning brew!! I appreciate that Monk’s Chai sources ingredients from organic and fair trade farms only. I also appreciate that it is refugee and POC run.

– Emma Freeman

This beautifully sweet and boldly spicey, sticky organic mix creates a wonderfully balanced, warm cup of chai. The brand provides a fun guide to flavour enlightenment that enables you to experience anything from subtle spice with a kiss of sweetness through to a heroic spicy and sweet hug in a mug. Admirably, monk’s chai is sweetened only with organic agave.

– Dominique Scott

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