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Moss & Pear – Button Wall-Mounted Magnetic Soap Holder


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. Sustainably sourced recycled, repurposed local Oak, finished with natural Tung oil. Beer bottling tops for inserting into soap.
Moss & Pear is a family owned and run business who only buys materials from Australian businesses, never overseas. Their timber is Australian hardwood, saved from jobs as excess to requirement, and prevented from ending up in landfill. All the brand’s products are free of toxins and harmful chemicals.
Moss & Peas products are made and sourced in Australia to keep their carbon footprint low and wherever possible are plastic free incoming and always outgoing. All the brands packaging is sourced in Australia, is compostable and/or biodegradable including the paper tape. Orders are sometimes packaged with reused boxes and packing fillers, reusing as much as they can to avoid landfill at all costs. All orders are sent via Sendle or Australia Post who are both carbon neutral, with the brand also offering local pickup to avoid unnecessary shipping.
At the end of each month Moss & Pear donates 5% of profits to environmental or animal causes chosen by customers, with a choice of three at checkout. Even if sales are slow, the brand still honours their promise to donate using personal finances. Moss & Pear supports local business, believing this is key in the pursuit of keeping economic sustainability stable and enduring. They promote and champion via social media, social enterprises who focus on social and environmental issues such as 'ShareWaste' and champion other small local businesses on social media whether related to our business or not. In addition, the brand is involved in fundraising for various causes. They also encourage behaviour changes regularly via social media through promoting sustainable methods such as buying second-hand and sharing ideas on how to reduce waste in the home.

What our experts say...

I love this product as it is something that I don’t see often in stores. I think it is a genius idea. I appreciate Fiona and David’s acknowledgement of the land they work and reside on. I really resonate with the brand’s commitment to keep everything as local as possible.

– Lille Madden

I like it’s simplicity and reuse of materials and the fact that it also prolongs the life of a bar of soap. I like how this product is manufactured using local sustainably-sourced wood.

– Laura Trotta

I like that the wood has a nice finish. I also appreciate there is no plastic in the product and it wasn’t wrapped in any either.

– Lindsay Miles

No more soggy soap and dirty soap dishes in this house! This gorgeously minimalist product makes my soap last so much longer and has taken away all the mess. Really easy for kids to use too. Love it!

– Emily Fletcher

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