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MoveActive – Luxe Recycled Yoga Mat



Introducing the MoveActive Luxe Recycled Yoga Mat, featuring a microfibre suede top layer and a natural tree rubber base. This eco-friendly mat is perfect for all styles of yoga, including hot yoga, and is anti-microbial and anti-fungal. It also comes with a detachable carry strap.

Made from upper: rPET top made from recycled water bottles. Lower: 58% natural rubber, 42% rubber
MoveActive conducts quarterly audits and checks on all their factories to ensure ethical manufacturing practices. The factories are BSCI compliant and follow a Code of Conduct that promotes improving worker's conditions based on international conventions protecting workers' rights. The brand's products are manufactured in China.
MoveActive has a no plastic policy and all products are packaged sustainably, using biodegradable courier bags and eco-friendly packing accessories. Their luxe eco yoga mats come in eco cotton canvas carry bags designed for reuse and are made from eco cork fused with an eco tree rubber base. The brand is committed to constantly evolving their business practices to contribute to a sustainable industry and invests in research and development to source high-quality and sustainable fabrics and packaging.
MoveActive partners with i=Change to donate $1 from every online order to one of three charities chosen by the customer at checkout. The donations are transparent, with no deductions or fees applied and so far have raised more than $55,000 for development projects around the world. Additionally, MoveActive runs charitable campaigns throughout October to raise funds for NBCF and will also donate 100% of profits from their Pride Yoga Mat to MINUS18 in June to champion inclusivity in Australian schools.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love the luxe velveteen textured surface of these mats. They’re soft and slightly absorbent and surprisingly still have a bit of grip. I love the off white colour as I can leave it on my white tiles and it camouflages. If the mat is out it’s one less thing to do and inspires you to stop and do yoga at any time of the day – environmental design at its best! I love the sporty, retro-seventies stripes too. Makes me want to get the matching grip socks!

I am also super impressed by all that MoveActive is doing in the sustainability and charitable space. Raising $55k with i=Change is impressive as is working with the lesser-known Minus 18. It’s clear they’ve done their research and don’t appear to just be ticking boxes.

–Sigourney Cantelo


This mat has a pretty design and lovely feel…it had a good grip and rolled well! I also like that it is biodegradable and has had the manufacturing checked for ethical practices!

–Fiona Noonan


I’ve really enjoyed using this mat in winter. It’s lovely as my feet stay warm right from the start… and as I get warmer and more sweaty, my grip improves too. A delight to practise on, I really appreciate that the surface is made from recycled water bottles and also that I can machine wash this mat if needed!

–Emily Fletcher

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