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Muddly Puddly Laboratory – MakeMUD Soil Playdough Powder



MakeMUD Soil is an all-natural playdough premix that requires only the addition of water. It is made with genuine mud to promote nature play experiences. This organic, non-toxic product is enriched with earth, reusable and serves as an ideal base for creating imaginative play scenes such as dinosaur footprints and mud kitchen recipes.

Formulated from excellent non-toxic ingredients. Made from sterilised organic soil and excellent non-toxic ingredients.
Muddly Puddly Laboratory produces handmade, non-toxic playdough made from soil and certified organic flour which is sourced from Australian suppliers. The brand uses only renewable and natural ingredients and avoids synthetic colours, glitter, and fragrance in its products. All packaging is compostable, and soil samples are regularly tested by independent scientists. The brand is based in Melbourne and operates from a home studio.
The Muddly Puddly Laboratory produces MakeMUD, a natural toy primarily made out of soil sourced from their own backyard, and aims for all aspects of the product to be compostable, including the packaging. The company strives for environmental sustainability and minimises its carbon footprint by using certified organic food ingredients when necessary and shipping with carbon offset companies. The real sustainability secret of MakeMUD lies in nurturing an eco-conscious mindset in children who play with the product.
Muddly Puddly is focused on creating eco-friendly sensory play products aimed at helping children safely access and connect positively to nature. The founder aims to source her materials sustainably and also supports other ethical small businesses by promoting them on her social media accounts. The business pays a portion of its profits to Traditional Owners through and offers discounts to early years educators, play therapists, and community organizers. The founder has also freely shared her recipes and play ideas on her Instagram account, aiming to be inclusive and collaborative rather than competitive.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love that the product is made with real soil – it’s the ultimate in sustainability and both comes from the earth and goes back to the earth. I also love the idea of bringing nature closer to children through the use of mud playdough!

I love the ethos of fostering a sustainable mindset in the next generation through providing a product that will bring children back to nature. I also love the generosity of spirit that the brand displays by supporting other ethical small businesses, the Traditional Owners of our land and by providing recipes etc for free on social media.

–Emma Meyer


The MakeMud Soil Playdough Powder is a great way to have some nature play without having to worry about too much mess. It was easy to wash this sensory play base off your hands and wipe off the table! I also love that the soil within this Playdough powder is sourced right in the studio’s backyard and that only renewable and natural ingredients are used.

–Fiona Morouco


We had so much fun making this one and getting messy outside allowing the kids to use their imagination. It was great that it arrived in mindful packaging too with a fully compostable pouch that we can cut up and put in compost after – extra learnings for the kids around the life of a product and impact it has after usage!

I also love how simple it is using uncomplicated ingredients or packaging that is kind to the earth after usage.

–Lee Sutherland

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