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Mukti Organics – Deep Cleanse Antioxidant Masque


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes papain and Kakadu plum extracts and fine white Argiletz clay.
Mukti Organics sources Fair Trade raw materials wherever possible mitigating unfair labour conditions and poor wages. If animals are used anywhere in the supply chain, they endeavour to investigate whether those animals are treated humanely. All Mukti products are 100% Australian made and owned. All skincare products are vegan and cruelty free and the Mukti Organics will not export to countries where animal testing is still practised. Wherever possible, products are free from palm oil, wheat, and gluten. Any products containing palm oil, must be from certified sustainable palm oil plantations.
All Mukti products have pure, simple, natural ingredients and preparation methods. Renewable resources have been used, where possible and they buy and support fair trade communities for raw materials. Furthermore where possible, certified organic ingredients are used. All wash-off products are biodegradable. Packaging materials are simplified, all paper and cardboard are FSC certified. Customers can opt to go carton free and all plastic bottles are recyclable. All office paper and stationery is reused, recycled and environmentally friendly. Boxes and packaging can be returned to Mukti Organics via a return and recycling initiative. Plastic 20L drums are reused by a local business that refills with Biodiesel. 100% natural packaging is used such as glass.
Mukti Organics is partnered with the Earth Defender Program, where a portion of sales is donated to conservation and environmental foundations/charities including: The Bob Brown Foundation, a not-for-profit fund that helps power campaigns to protect our precious forests, oceans and wildlife. Save The Bees Australia is also supported - Through pollination, bees play an immensely important role in the availability and biodiversity of fresh produce. Save The Bees aims to educate the public, empower and protect bee populations.

What our experts say...


Really loved everything about this mask, the deep cleansing action can be felt the moment you apply the masque and it leaves the skin so clean without being dry. I will be using this alot with my kids for acne. I love everything Mukti has done for the industry, especially around raising awareness on what is in conventional beauty products!

–Carla King-Turner


I have sensitive/dehydrated skin so often deep cleansing masks leave my skin less than impressed but the MUKTI ORGANICS Deep Cleanse Antioxidant mask left my skin feeling so smooth, soft and hydrated with no irritation! It’s lovely to apply and easy to remove. I’m obsessed! I love that Mukti looks at all aspects of their products when it comes to sustainability and social responsibility. From ensuring any animals used in the sourcing of ingredients were humanely treated, to giving back to the community it’s clear Mukti is a brand that cares about their impact.

–Ash Quinn


I noticed a visible difference in my skin after adding this to my routine. It was nourishing but also helped with my redness. I appreciate MUKTI’s statement and think that it is really great. COSMOS is also a great achievement!

–Lottie Dalziel

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