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Mulberry Threads – Bamboo Sheet Set


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% bamboo viscose from organically grown bamboo.
Mulberry Threads products are made in China, using organically grown bamboo with no harmful chemicals or dyes (OEKO-TEX 100 certified). In addition, they use no child labour and utilize closed loop manufacturing.
Mulberry Threads utilises bamboo, as it is the fastest growing plant in the world - making it an extremely renewable resource. Bamboo requires little or no water to grow and no fertiliser is required either. The brand uses no plastic packaging and minimal packaging materials. Their sheets come in a reusable fabric bag which can be used for storage, travel, and organisation. In addition, their thank you cards and tags are printed on sustainable paper and they use compostable post bags.
Mulberry Threads support individual causes in their local community, the Breast Cancer Foundation, Red Cross Fire Appeal and are also currently setting up partnership with i=Change ($1 from each purchase to a cause of the customer’s choice).

What our experts say...

Given the state of the planet, it’s hardly surprising that I toss and turn at night, but this has been having a negative impact on my hair. I have very fine hair and it knots easily, so I was looking into getting a smooth, silky-ish material to try to mitigate the midnight matting. This pillow worked really nicely and I noticed a definite difference in the state in which I woke up, and a significant decline in the amount of cuss words uttered while brushing my hair in the morning. Win!

I liked the brand’s mention of closed loop production. The packaging and delivery of the product was excellent and very sustainable.

– Emily Ehlers

The fabric feels very soft and high quality. It didn’t feel scratchy or hot to sleep on. I love that this business chooses to donate to a variety of causes. The i-change cause sounds great, letting the customer decide which charity the $1 donation should go to.

– Shannon Welch

Divinely soft and silky in the way only bamboo can be. I love how smooth and cool it is against my skin – the ideal lightweight bedding coming into summer. Importantly too, despite being soft, it washes and wears really well.

–Emily Fletcher

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