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Mumma’s Beans – Rise and Shine Coffee Lip Balm



Introducing a lip balm that delivers hydration, non-sticky wear and a delightful scent. This product ensures moisturised lips and comes in a biodegradable tube.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients, including coffee infused sweet almond oil, macadamia oil, orange and peppermint essential oils.
Mumma's Beans is based in Bulli, NSW and uses only Australian ingredients to reduce the risk of unethical sourcing and support Australian growers. Their ethical practices extend beyond ingredients to include kindness, promoting competition and lifting fellow businesses up. All lip balms are hand made in Bulli with love. Mumma's Beans was started to create a business that would align with the founder's values.
Mumma's Beans uses only Australian ingredients for their lip balms to minimize their environmental footprint. The lip balms come in biodegradable cardboard tubes and are shipped in compostable mailers or recycled boxes.
Mumma's Beans donates 1% of each sale to a charity. Previously, the brand supported a local charity that supported female survivors of domestic abuse and has now partnered with COPE, the Centre of Prenatal Excellence, who provide support for the emotional challenges of becoming a parent. The brand aims to make it easy for parents to choose natural, nourishing products without worrying about harmful ingredients.

Product reviews from our experts…


I am in love with this formula! With its glide on finish and gentle scent, this was like that-morning-coffee-moment but all day long! The hydration was next level while not being overly glossy, the coffee was far from over-powering and felt more like a gentle hug for the lips. Never dragging on even the driest lips, this was a stand-out for me. I loved it!

What a gorgeous little package that just showed the love and story behind the product The biodegradable cardboard tubes stood the distance, It was received in recycled packaging which I loved and the charitable donations are fabulous too!

–Amy Hughes


The scent is divine. The combination of coffee and orange is just… wow. It’s refreshing and comforting all at the same time. It glides on and really prevents (and relieves) dry lips. Non-sticky, moisturising with lasting power and a bonus aromatherapy benefit. The wide format of the tube has a great hand and application feel. I also love that it seems like overnight virtually all lip balms have switched from plastic tubes to cardboard-based ones. It works particularly well in this short-and-fat format versus the long-and-skinny traditional lip balm tubes. It was a sensory delight and made my lips feel lush!

This is a lovely local brand that only sources local ingredients, is made on site in Bulli and uses compostable packaging, so that when you finish this product no part of it ends up in landfill. They have a unique, quality, local offering that is a pleasure to use!

–Jessica Teas


We liked the smell of this lip balm. We were also impressed by the brand’s donation of 1% per sale to a charity.

–Kirstie + Sarah

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