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Murray River Organics – Organic Mylk Chocolate Sultanas and Hazelnuts


Made from excellent organic ingredients including organic sultanas and hazelnuts and organic cacao. Dairy free.
Murray River Organics (MRO) only uses ingredients, grown on their own farms or externally sourced, that are Certified Organic. This ensures the ingredients have been grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers or GMO’s. For externally sourced ingredients, MRO’s ethical sourcing policy ensures they are well informed about their suppliers (many of which are family-owned businesses run by passionate growers) by obtaining information relating to the suppliers sourcing practices. This includes information relating to working conditions, child labour, freedom of association, wages, benefits, working hours, and discrimination for example.
MRO believes organic adoption is the way forward for a cleaner, greener, more sustainable future. Specifically, by choosing Organic you’re supporting farming practices that preserve natural resources and promote soil fertility. MRO choose reusable packaging as a priority and are working steadily with suppliers to test packaging solutions that are both environmentally friendly and meet health and safety standards.
MRO works closely with, and financially supports the endeavours of the Australian Organic industry peak body. Internally the brand opened a staff shop, called GIve a Buck, to raise money for worthy causes. These local, staff suggested causes rotate each month. MRO also supports the initiatives of individuals who wish to involve the wider office in their charity and fundraising work.

What our experts say...

I love that we now have an amazing tasting, vegan and organic choice for chocolate dipped fruit and nuts. The chocolate is silky smooth, the nuts and fruit of great quality and the product is so delicious. I love that MRO uses certified organic ingredients, supporting the organic industry, and ensures ethical trade and workplace conditions. I also love the brand’s in house fundraising.

– Jade Woodd

The mixture is great as the chocolate is crisp and creamy, nuts nice and fresh and the sultanas juicy. I can see the brand is up to great things and has set the bar very high for the industry. From packaging to organic certification and beyond.

– Rebecca Sullivan

One of the smoothest and creamiest mylk chocolates I’ve had combined with sweet organic sultanas and crunchy bits of hazelnut. Yum! I love that Murray River Organics grow the sultanas on their own Australian farm and they are such big supporters of widespread adoption of organic practices in Australia in order to support a healthier, cleaner future.

– Emily Fletcher

Two classic flavour combinations in one bag! These organic, dairy free ‘mylk’ chocolate coated hazelnuts and sultanas provide a texturally diverse indulgent treat. Sweetened only with organic coconut sugar, this product is leading the way in creating plant-based alternatives to some of the classics.

– Dominique Scott

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