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My Daily Chai – Make My Day



An organic, hormone-balancing remedy infused with adaptogenic remedies and invigorating spices. This hand-blended fusion provides an energizing effect, stimulating your mood and boosting your mojo. Perfect for stress relief.

Made from excellent organic ingredients including adaptogens maca, shatavari and rhodiola,. Caffeine free.
My Daily Chai sources only the highest quality, ethically sourced, certified organic, fair trade, plant-based and cruelty-free ingredients and works with suppliers that share the brand's commitment to sustainability and fair treatment. The brand does not use any gluten, sweeteners, milk powders, GMOs, preservatives, dairy, soy, fillers, anti-caking agents, additives or animal testing in the production of its blends and does not support any form of modern slavery or the cruel treatment of animals. My Daily Chai also prioritises inclusivity and customer well-being.
My Daily Chai is committed to sustainability and has made conscious decisions regarding their packaging, unboxing, shipping, and waste management. They opted for lightweight, recyclable stand-up pouches for their products and have recently found 100% recyclable pouches that use fewer resources to produce. They also offer an enjoyable unboxing experience with custom-designed, fully compostable tissue paper and wrapping labels and use eco-friendly Japanese Washi paper yarn to tie orders. For shipping, they switched to 100% recycled waste mailers that are reusable and carbon neutral. They recycle incoming packaging materials and have begun moving towards suppliers offering recyclable, reusable or degradable packaging.
My Daily Chai supports adults with permanent disabilities by creating jobs for all abilities and providing inclusive work opportunities. They partner with Synergy Group, a community-based organization that provides meaningful employment for people who find it difficult to secure and maintain employment. The brand is committed to eco-friendly operations and makes conscious decisions, such as using 100% recycled paper and vegetable-based ink for their labels and practicing electronic invoicing and communication to reduce unnecessary paper usage. They also aim to educate and inspire the community on ways to enhance well-being and eliminate hormonal symptoms through their email campaigns and social media posts. The brand gives back to small local specialty stores where possible, offering wholesale products without a minimum spend to prioritise customer needs over financial gain.

Product reviews from our experts…


I live in the Rainbow Region where Chai is aplenty, this blend though is the best I have tasted, it trumps all the others! It is incredibly delicious and blends so well, leaving no chunks or powdery residue. I blend mine with plant milk and honey from our hives. As a busy mum who doesn’t drink coffee, I appreciate the spices that give an energy boost as well as the adaptogenic herbs for additional support. A wonderful blend for the whole family, my children and husband greatly enjoyed it too! I honestly couldn’t fault this product and will absolutely be purchasing more in the future!

The packaging was simple and practical. I appreciate that some are recyclable and compostable and I really look forward to seeing their degradable packing options in the future. The label was easy to read and fun! I value that this brand supports a diverse range of employees and that inclusiveness is of importance to their business. My favourite thing about this product is that it has been intentionally crafted to avoid the use of fillers, GMO ingredients or additives and the social advantages this has on those who consume it!

–Zenaya Sol


Packed with spices and hormone-balancing adaptogenic herbs, this chai blend serves as a reminder to send yourself a hug-in-a-cup during hormone-fuelled moments of overwhelm. The addition of rhodiola provides a much-needed boost of energy and clarity in the morning when feeling tired.

I’m also impressed that this heart-led brand operates with sustainability and ethics at its core, whilst supporting and giving back to local, underprivileged communities.

–Emma Freeman


I loved the taste and the adaptogenics in the blend with the chai powder. I also love that this product is caffeine free. I’m impressed they source only the highest quality, ethically sourced, certified organic, fair trade, plant-based and cruelty-free ingredients.

–Katherine Hay

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