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My Shay – Coconut Charcoal and Cedarwood Deodorant


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes Certified organic fair trade shea butter and coconut oil with cedarwood, lemon myrtle and peppermint essential oils.
My Shay purchases certified fair trade and organic ingredients, supporting fair trade co-operatives that help farmers in developing countries. The brand uses local ingredients, including Tasmanian Olive oil and hemp oil, diatomaceous earth, clays and other raw Australian ingredients. My Shay sources their raw ingredients, packaging materials, and labels from other small Australian businesses. They are cruelty free and vegan, with no inclusion of animal products or animal testing.
My Shay products are all made using local ingredients. They are free from plastic packaging and have home compostable refills. The brand’s paper labels are printed with eco-friendly ink, they use home compostable mailers and reuse boxes from supplies received and those retrieved from other businesses. In addition, they use a Carbon Zero delivery service.
My Shay supports several organisations, including Cancer Council, SHE Gynae TAS, Kunanyi Trail Races 2021, Pickleball TAS and Roller Derby TAS.

What our experts say...

This product was really effective and smelled great! I applied it in the morning and could still smell the fresh ingredients at the end of a long day. I also think it was a clever idea to provide the application stick to avoid having to use your fingers to apply the product. It’s clear that they have a strong advocacy for local ingredients and care for animals. Both of which are important to me too. It’s important we try to support end-to-end ethical local products and this product is a shining example of this.

–Luke McLeod

This was my first time using natural deodorant, and I was pleasantly surprised. It went on easily, worked through long days and training, smelled lovely and wasn’t sticky at all. I really like the simple – natural, non-animal testing, high quality ethical supply chain focus, and the community engagement. These are things that are important to me, and I am really glad to see My Shay doing them.

–Josh Reid Jones

This is an incredibly effective deodorant which lasts all day. A masculine scent but not overpowering, easy to apply and in a great, refillable zero waste aluminium tin. I commend My Shay on their commitment to zero waste with plastic free packaging and mailers, as well as their support for initiatives in their local and greater community. Highly recommended.

– Emily Fletcher

This natural deodorant is subtly scented with a well balanced selection of essential oils that includes lemon myrtle, mandarin and cedarwood. Combined with other plant-based ingredients, such as cacao butter, activated charcoal and diatomaceous earth, this product is both effective and easy to apply. The eco-friendly and gender neutral tin packaging ensures the deodorant is appealing to the whole family.

–Dominique Scott

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