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Myles Gray – The Oils – Sleep


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients, including lavender essential oil and Certified organic witch hazel extract.
Myles Gray ensures all raw materials are sourced from Australian businesses. All crystals are ethically sourced and supplied via a small family business in India. Only natural fragrances are used and a selection of ingredients in certain ranges are entirely organic. Furthermore they hand blend their products and have a unique HR practice that puts people first to ensure their mental health and wellbeing is cared for.
Biodegradable packing peanuts and recycled cardboard are used in packaging. The brand runs a paper free office and reuses cardboard where possible. Myles Gray encourages recycling and upcycling of their packaging and has sustainable employment practices in place to ensure staff are conscious of their impact on the planet.
Myles Gray has sustainable HR policies around their people and culture and prioritises a people first environment. There are strict work life balance policies in place for their all female team. Furthemore they have supported multiple charities which align with the Brand, currently Bears Of Hope is supported which provides assistance with babies born sleeping.

What our experts say...


Beautifully presented in a luxurious glass bottle, this essential oil spray contains a calming combination of lavender and chamomile. I love that the bottle contains a collection of tiny amethyst crystals – shake the bottle to hear what sounds like stars falling from your bedroom ceiling. I enjoyed the meditative ritual of misting my bedroom before sleep. I truly appreciate that the amethyst crystal has been ethically sourced and that this brand takes extra steps to give back to society.

–Emma Freeman


The crystals in the bottom are a nice touch for a point of difference and extra dimension of sound when spraying. I also loved the added ritual to induce sleep, encouraging users to look at sleep holistically. I loved the hand made factor as I believe it’s so important to maintain human involvement in the creation of products! Knowing that raw materials are sourced from Australia is also great. I also loved that this scent was alcohol free.

–Montana Lower


I really love the sweet lavender smell of this product and that it lasts a good while on my pillows and sheets. I also love the minimalist and crystal vibe of the packaging. I really appreciate the work that the brand does to provide ethically sourced crystals as well as a HR policy that puts importance on their workers mental health and well being. They are doing wonderful work in using recycled packaging and recycling office practices.

–Stephanie Kurlow

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