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Naked Klay – 2 in 1 Hydrating Exfoliating Mask – Pink Clay


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, many organic ingredients. Includes gotu kola, ginko biloba, Kakadu plum, rosehip and pomegranate.
Naked Klay products are Australian Made by a Mother and Daughter duo who are Cosmetic Chemists. The brand uses ethically sourced ingredients including, traditional ancient herbs, natural plant based ingredients and powerful antioxidants.
Products are carefully packaged into glass jars and cardboard packaging. All products are sent out in cardboard boxes and fully biodegradable mailing satchels (dirt bags) with compost-friendly shipping labels.
Naked Klay proudly supports the Shikodō organisation. Both Shikodō and Naked Klay share the vision to empower customers and clients to glow from within, whether through their natural beauty or mental capacities. Together these companies run events to raise awareness about the importance of self-love and self-acceptance giving the audience practical tools. $1 from every purchase made with Naked Klay is directly donated to the Shikodō organisation.

What our experts say...


I’m a big fan of the scent, consistency and colour of this beautiful exfoliating mask – like salt of the earth. I loved rubbing it onto my skin and waiting for 15 mins while it did its magic. Next, I added a little water and rubbed it into my face, exfoliating my skin. I quite like a slightly rough exfoliator and this is the perfect texture for me! My skin was left soft and glowing. Perfect for maturing skin! I love the efforts this brand makes to send their product in zero waste packaging (loved the no-tape reusable flatpack box!) and to give back to society through their charity of choice Shikodo.

–Emma Freeman


An extremely hydrating product that has gentle exfoliants that aren’t harsh on your skin. The ingredients used create a magnificent natural scent that isn’t overly sweet. I align with Naked Klay’s values about helping people feel confident in their skin through positive messaging and techniques to build this confidence.

–Catherine Jia


I like their philosophy of combining ancient herbal medicine and brightening botanicals such as Kakadu Plum into their formulations. The product itself feels lightweight in texture with a delicate scent, whilst providing the gritty beads that are so essential to a good exfoliation. Their focus on consumer health through non-toxic ingredients, ethical sourcing, and recyclable packaging is commendable. I also think their work with Shikodo to contribute towards better mental and emotional health is impressive!

–Neha Hobson

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