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Naked Klay – Hydrating Moisturiser



This creamy moisturiser, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, enhances skin elasticity and minimizes visible signs of aging. Its rich formula infused with ancient medicinal herbs effectively fights intense dryness, ensuring optimal moisture retention. It has been clinically proven for rejuvenating the skin.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients, including gotu kola, ginkgo biloba and Kakadu plum.
Naked Klay is an Australian brand that formulates its products in Melbourne and uses ethically sourced ingredients from Australia or Europe. Its products are made from natural ingredients and free from sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colours, T.E.A, D.E.A, glycols, silicones, PEGS, ethoxylate & formaldehyde. Furthermore the brand does not source ingredients from China due to child labour issues.
Naked Klay focuses on sustainability by using glass jars and cardboard packaging, which they aim to make 100% recyclable. Their products are delivered to customers in compostable postage bags and their ingredients are clean and all-natural.
Naked Klay is committed to supporting mental health awareness by donating $1 from each purchase on their website to the Shikodo Foundation. Additionally, the company empowers women to embrace their natural beauty through their messaging and supports social events that promote women, such as International Women's Day High Tea event. Shikodō is a non-profit organization focused on achieving personal empowerment and helping people achieve their goals.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love that Naked Klay products are inspired by the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The carefully selected ingredients of this moisturiser are wonderfully functional and leave your skin feeling incredibly smooth and hydrated.

Naked Klay, founded by a mother and daughter duo, brings a truly sophisticated touch to the world of conscious and sustainable business. Their product packaging, for example, is exquisite while also being functional and eco friendly.

–Dominique Scott


I loved the rich, creamy and hydrating texture and how luxe it felt on my skin. I am all about girl power and women’s empowerment and I love that Naked Klay helps to support and embrace women!

–Candice Needham


This moisturiser feels nice (consistency) and the smell is not too strong. We were also impressed by the brand’s packaging in glass and cardboard casing and their donations.

–Kirstie + Sarah

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