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Native Self – Mint and Rose Lip Balm



This lip balm contains organic shea butter and jojoba oil to effectively nourish dry or cracked lips. It also includes Calendula petals for healing and soothing purposes, as well as Marshmallow root with antibacterial properties.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients, including organic shea butter with marshmallow root and calendula petals.
Native Self produces certified organic Shea butter in Australia. They partner with women co-op groups to produce the butter, ensuring fair trade and environmentally sustainable practices, and providing employment opportunities for local communities. The brand outsources all print, packaging, and designing to local individuals and small businesses. Their products are vegan, cruelty-free, and palm oil-free.
Native Self produces handmade products in small batches without using water or preservatives. They use 100% pure and organic butters and essential oils in every product and all packaging is recyclable without any plastics. The printing and packaging are both created locally, reducing the brand's carbon and environmental footprint as they don't import any goods.
Native Self focuses on social responsibility efforts. They use local small businesses for printing, packaging and designers and source all oils from Australian companies. They also use fair trade certified Shea butter and partner directly with the women who produce it, providing social support and funding for protective clothing and medical treatment. They promote self-care and have a positive and inclusive social media presence.

Product reviews from our experts…


Shouldn’t all lip products have mint!? I love the zingy lip plumping finish of the Native Self lip balm. Apply pre-lipstick for a healthy lip skin finish, or throughout the day to keep your lips soft and supple. As a braces wearer not many lip balms manage to go the distance, but the mint in this balm seems to make it last, also you had me at rose – what a stunning combination!

I love the small batch feel to this product, so sweet and the meaning can be felt. Fair trade focus and environmentally sustainable practices are also enviable and that they provide employment opportunities for local communities – great work for a small brand!

–Amy Hughes


This product had me feeling nostalgic for my 1990s slim SoftLips tube. The formula was simple and very nice. It was gently minty and moisturising. It had good slip but also stayed put on the lips. There was no stickiness! It really did offer good moisture, which was paired with a nice exfoliating sensation when applying it. It was a solid lip balm with nourishing, recognisable ingredients.

I like that they partner with women-run co-ops in West Africa where the Shea Butter is produced and they use Fair Trade Shea Butter. They also use local companies to do their packaging, which cuts down on the carbon footprint of their packaging.

–Jessica Teas


We really enjoyed the packaging and the look of the product. We also loved that it is a normal lip balm tube with a regular twist function! We did enjoy the smell too.

We also really appreciate that this brand uses local and small businesses to source things for their own business, coming from a small business ourselves it is something we appreciate!

–Kirstie + Sarah

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