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Nicole Louise Apothecary – Kalahari Melon Seed Oil


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. 100% cold pressed Kalahari Melon Seed Oil.
Nicole Louise Apothecary supports rural artisan producers and farmers. They also source in collaboration with fair trade cooperatives, ensuring the support and social/financial growth and independence of rural artisan women in Southern Morocco and Ghana. The brand is working towards Leaping Bunny certification.
The brand’s Kalahari Melon Seed Oil, sourced by organic farmers was discovered as a result of acute climate change and as an intervention to the worst drought in South Africa in eighty years. This has created a brand new economy in a remote part of the world which has suffered due to acute climate change. Biophotonic glass is used which protects, preserves/enhances the products and is recyclable. The brand is working towards paper free packaging with paperless product boxes made from textile industry material waste. Biodegradable mailer sachets and cardboard boxes are also used.
Nicole Louise Apothecary has donated products to the Look Good Feel Better campaign. Furthermore they source their ingredients in collaboration with women run fair trade cooperatives in Morocco and rural artisan producers in Ghana and South America. These collaborations have a direct impact and ensure the financial and social support, development and growth and independence of these rural artisans.

What our experts say...


Wow – this beautiful oil glides onto my skin like silk. The perfect consistency, it is non-greasy yet deeply nourishing and hydrating. I honestly can’t stop touching my skin in the 24 hours after use! It leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and velvety, my complexion clear and has really helped to clear up some dry spots on my face. Having never tried a product containing kalahari melon seed oil before, I have been delighted with the results. Will continue to use this for sure! I love that the kalahari melon is wild harvested and that its cultivation helps to support an area in south africa that continues to be devastated by climate change. A fantastic example of social responsibility!

–Emma Freeman


This oil is lovely and lightweight on the skin. It absorbs nicely and doesn’t leave a film on the skin which means it also works well under makeup and other products. I also really appreciate the protective biophotonic glass bottle to make sure the product stays stable keeping all of the lovely antioxidants at their best. I love that Nicole Louise Apothecary sources ingredients with fair trade co-ops to support the social, financial growth and independence of rural artisan women in Southern Morocco and Ghana. By doing this it helps to elevate the lives of people in these communities.

–Ash Quinn


I absolutely love this innovative face oil, from the product itself to the packaging, look and feel. The oil itself is silky and lightweight and sinks right in. I find it to be so soothing and plumping! I love that this is the pure Kalahari Melon Seed Oil without anything else. There is virtually no scent and no essential oils so I think this would work for everyone. This is a very lightweight oil making it one I would reach for in the warmer months without worrying about overloading my skin with too much. I also love that this brand has made some women-centred contributions to the community.

–Erin Norden

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