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Nina’s Bees – Aches and Pains Muscle Balm


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, mostly organic ingredients. Includes beeswax ethically extracted from the maker's own hives, arnica, comfrey, ginger and cayenne.
Nina is a beekeeper who uses beeswax and honey from her apiary to create all products in the Nina’s Bees range. Organic methods are applied to tendering bees, with no plastic frames, bees excluders or chemical pest control in the hives. The ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices of all oils used are also guaranteed by Native Oils of Australia. This includes the development of sustainable farms, in-house batch testing and accountable warehouse management.
Products are packaged in recyclable aluminium, glass and cardboard. Recycled boxes are used for packing orders, which are sent via a carbon-neutral delivery service. Nina’s Bees has also implemented a return for refill program and generates 0% plastic waste in the manufacturing of products. Furthermore, unlike in conventional beekeeping, all hives were born from natural swarms and all colonies are allowed to build their own comb.
Nina’s Bees is actively involved in the rescue and rehoming of wild bees from public spaces. Nina educates children on the importance of bees to our ecosystems by conducting bee talks at local schools, offering tips on how to grow bee-friendly gardens. Furthermore she is a part of the " Inspiring the Future" project where representatives from different industries meet with high school students to discuss career paths.

What our experts say...


I really liked the scent of the product, is it not too overpowering but still reassuringly strong! The mix of ingredients is clever and clearly well thought out for maximum natural results. I love the gentleness of the product on the skin. As a permaculture designer I thoroughly understand the work involved in fabricating products from land and sourcing bee products ethically. It’s great to see these shared in Nina’s Bees Social Responsibility Statement! I know how much work goes into beekeeping and have the utmost of respect for those carrying it out. Natural swarms and colony building shows great commitment!

–Alena Turley


This balm has a sweet, minty smell which I enjoyed. The formula does give a pleasant and soothing sensation when rubbed over the skin. It has a beautiful waxy texture and is very easy to use with the tin jar. I love how Nina is applying the circular principles throughout her business practice from the supply-chain to local projects on bee-keeping education. This is a good example of how a business can minimise their impact on the ecosystem which we depend on to get what we need!

–Ria Andriani


I love a product that uses a tin instead of plastic so first impressions were great. The balm has a good solid texture at room temperature but the texture was soft enough that you could easily scoop out the required amount without using your fingernails. It glided on easily and the wintergreen scent was refreshing and a great alternative to some of the stronger scents you find with balms for aches and soreness. It didn’t leave a greasy film and was absorbed easily. Overall a really nice, local alternative. They give very specific details about what sort of beekeeping they utilise in their products, which was enlightening. They work with one oil supplier in Australia to help them keep their supply chain ethical, which is good to see. The formulations also seem to come from family recipes passed down to the owner, which is a lovely origin story!

–Jessica Teas

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