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Nina’s Bees – Baby Barrier Balm



An organic skincare product made with nourishing oils, beeswax, and cocoa butter to soothe irritated skin. It forms a protective barrier, retains moisture, and allows the skin to breathe. With the natural healing properties of calendula, chickweed, chamomile, witch hazel, and castor oil as a deep conditioner and moisturizer.

Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, mostly organic ingredients. Includes organic calendula, chickweed, chamomile and witch-hazel.
Nina's Bees is a small family-run apiary focusing on natural beekeeping and ethical practices. The apiary does not use queen excluders, plastic frames or pesticides in their hives and all of their colonies are allowed to build their own comb, determining colony size and population dynamics. Nina's Bees also makes natural skincare products using beeswax and honey from their apiary. Their practices earned them the "Best Eco-Friendly Family-Run Apiary Australia" award at the APAC Business Awards 2022.
Nina's Bees has at its core a commitment to sustainability. All products have been certified as MADE SAFE, Cruelty Free, and Australian Certified toxic-free. The company has partnered with Native Oils of Australia (NOA) to source single origin, Australian-grown essential oils and natural ingredients. NOA has implemented a "Clean and Pure" quality assurance initiative, which covers the full circle of production, including developing sustainable farms and communities, in-house batch testing and transparent warehouse management. The company embraces a circular model of "Reuse, reduce, recycle", with oil containers being returned, cleaned, and refilled with the same ingredients, reducing landfill waste. Packaging is also recyclable and the company mails using recycled cardboard boxes.
Nina, the founder of Nina's Bees, conducts educational talks about the role of bees in the ecosystem for local schools and community groups such as Rotary clubs, Green Thumb clubs, and Church friendship clubs. She has also invited high school students to do work experience at her apiary and helped primary school children with beekeeping projects by inviting them to visit her apiary with their parents. Additionally, Nina volunteers for the "Inspiring the Future" project to help high school students understand their career options.

Product reviews from our experts…


I loved how smooth and nourishing the balm was on my baby’s skin. I enjoyed how it is beeswax and cocoa butter based and therefore did not leave any white cream marks on my baby’s skin. My baby’s skin remained well moisturised and soft. Secondly I enjoyed that this product supported a small family run business with a simply yet beautiful goal to support the beekeeping industry.

As the brand name ‘Nina’s Bees’ suggests, I loved how the social responsibility messaging strongly supported bee’s. It gave the brand name personal meaning that showed a great empathy towards our ecosystem. I enjoyed the unique ways that the support of beekeeping was weaved into the social responsibility and community goals via school projects, rotary clubs, gardening and church groups and how it was delivered in a way that was aligned to the small family business values.

–Renee Anthony


I love how thick this balm is and it glides onto this skin quite easily. It also has great coverage and left my baby’s skin feeling very soft and moisturised.

I love reading about the apiary and how much freedom the bees have. I also appreciate all of the education they provide about bees & how important they are.

–Claire Karlson


I love the cute jar, it’s easy to open, no sharp corner etc so bubs can also hold it as a distraction while changing. It is simple but practical. I also love the theme around bees and how passionate the company is about saving bees and educating the community about their importance.

–Sharnnah Baker

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