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Nina’s Bees – Eye Balm with Propolis


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes organic shea butter, rosehip and camellia oils.
Nina is a beekeeper who uses beeswax and honey from her apiary to create all products in the Nina’s Bees range. Organic methods are applied to tendering bees, with no plastic frames, bees excluders or chemical pest control in the hives. The ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices of all oils used are also guaranteed by Native Oils of Australia. This includes the development of sustainable farms, in-house batch testing and accountable warehouse management.
Products are packaged in recyclable aluminium, glass and cardboard. Recycled boxes are used for packing orders, which are sent via a carbon-neutral delivery service. Nina’s Bees has also implemented a return for refill program and generates 0% plastic waste in the manufacturing of products.
Nina’s Bees is actively involved in the rescue and rehoming of wild bees from public spaces. Nina educates children on the importance of bees to our ecosystems by conducting bee talks at local schools, offering tips on how to grow bee-friendly gardens.

What our experts say...

I like how earthy, uncomplicated, and natural this product feels. It is extremely nourishing under the eyes, especially for a dry or dehydrated eye area, without feeling sticky. It does sit on the skin without absorbing all the way, which I didn’t personally mind as it gave my under eye area a healthy glow. Using bees (or their by-products like honey) can be a controversial topic in beauty and wellness, so it is reassuring to hear the founder state that the well-being of the bees is their primary focus and priority when making the products.

–Neha Hobson

The most surprising product, I did not expect it to be as good as it is. This is such a beautiful balm – it glides on the eye area and instantly hydrates and soothes (especially tired or sore eyes, post swimming or crying). It is so nurturing and such a generous pot for how little you use each time. I love the brand’s recycling efforts, the noticeable lack of plastic and that the packaging can be reused.

–Carla-King Turner

For me, this is the ultimate night time eye treatment as it creates a gentle and protective barrier over my orbital skin whilst leaving it deeply moisturised by morning. Perfect for sensitive skin, I love that this is in a recyclable (or reusable) aluminium container and that no plastic waste is generated in its manufacture! I also really appreciate that this is a water-free formulation, which enables it to be preservative free and yet have great longevity.

–Emily Fletcher

I really love how nourishing this beautiful eye balm is. Only a tiny amount is needed to gently pat into the eye area. After one week of use, the delicate areas around my eyes feel softer and plumper. I absolutely adore that it comes in a recyclable/reusable aluminium tin. I’m such a fan of Nina’s Bees and her huge efforts to take care of the local environment through beekeeping and education. I also truly appreciate the brand’s efforts to use aluminium tins (which are endlessly recyclable) and zero waste packaging for products.

–Emma Freeman


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