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Nina’s Bees – Face and Body Floral Oil


SILVER + Editor’s Choice

Nina’s Bees creates Bees’ Paradise Face and Body Floral Oil using cold-pressed organic oils derived from flowering plants found in Australia’s Blue Mountains. Packed with vitamins and minerals, this unrefined oil repairs and revitalizes the skin, inspired by bees freely foraging in the gardens.

Formulated with excellent, clean ingredients. Includes organic Camellia Oil, cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil, ylang ylang and jasmine essential oils.
Nina's Bees is a family-run, natural beekeeping apiary that uses a holistic approach based on respect and love for the bee colony. The brand's beekeeping practice involves no Queen excluders, plastic frames or pesticides in the hives and all hives are born from natural swarms rather than human intervention. Nina's Bees also creates award-winning skincare products using beeswax and honey from their apiary. In 2022, the brand received the "Best Eco-Friendly Family-Run Apiary Australia" award from APAC Business Awards.
Small business Nina's Bees has partnered with Native Oils of Australia to source single origin, Australian-grown native essential oils and natural ingredients for all of their products. The partnership focuses on sustainability, with initiatives ranging from developing sustainable farms and communities, to in-house batch testing and accountable warehouse management. Additionally, the brands have adopted a circular model of "Reuse, reduce, recycle," where oil containers are returned, cleaned, and refilled with the same ingredients on a regular basis, reducing waste going into landfills. Nina's Bees products are packaged in recyclable containers and mailed in recycled cardboard boxes.
Nina's Bees is a brand that provides a free service to the community by rescuing and rehoming wild bees from public spaces. The founder of Nina's Bees, Nina, also does educational bee talks in local schools and community groups to raise awareness about the importance of bees in our ecosystem. Nina has also welcomed high school students to do their work experience in the company's apiary and volunteers with the "Inspiring the Future" project to talk to high school students about career options.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love the floral theme encapsulated in both the packaging and the scent. A great product for travel in terms of size as well as multifunctionality for face and body.

I’m also impressed by their concern for preserving the bee habitat and well-being, the fact that they rehome wild bees, are cruelty-free in their practices and invest in both education and giving back. It is nice to see their awards too!

–Neha Hobson


I love that the plant-based oils in this product are sourced from “a flowering plant that bees adore” (it has, after all, been created in a boutique apiary in the Blue Mountains!). As such, the scent of this oil conjures up a spring day in a beautiful garden. I found it best to apply when still wet out of the shower: a little goes a long way and my skin feels super soft and hydrated after use.

I’m also such a huge fan of Nina’s Bees and the way it operates with sustainability, ethics and social responsibility at its heart. Thank you for setting the gold standard!

–Emma Freeman


You had me at bees 🙂 I love everything about this facial oil, it smells glorious and absorbs so nicely into the skin, also the packaging is so gorgeous and clearly 100% recyclable but so clever with the cut out area so you can still see the bottle. 10/10 for functionality, divine oil and sustainability.

I love how wholesome and simple the product and packaging is while the oil itself is such gorgeous quality. I’m also a fan of their “Reuse, reduce, recycle” approach.

–Lee Sutherland

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