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Ninas Bees – Hard Working Hands Balm


GOLD + Editor’s Choice

Hard Working Hands Balm is a scientifically formulated product containing moisturizing and healing oils, anti-inflammatory sandalwood and antibacterial seaweed. It provides quick healing to dry skin, mending scratches and cracks while forming a protective layer. Wintergreen and clary sage essential oils stimulate blood circulation and alleviate pain.

Formulated with excellent, clean ingredients. Includes chamomile infused organic olive oil, organic beeswax and essential oils of wintergreen and clary sage.
Nina's Bees is a small family-run apiary that practices natural beekeeping with a holistic approach based on respect and love for the bee colony. Their beekeeping ethics involve no Queen excluders, plastic frames or pesticides in the hives and all their colonies are allowed to build their own comb at all times. They make award-winning skincare products with beeswax and honey from their apiary. In 2022, they were awarded "Best Eco-Friendly Family-Run Apiary Australia" by APAC Business Awards 2022.
Nina's Bees partners with Native Oils of Australia to source native essential oils and natural ingredients. They prioritise sustainability by developing sustainable farms and communities, reducing their footprint, in-house batch testing, accountable warehouse management, offering transparency, and applying a circular model of "reuse, reduce, recycle" by taking back and refilling the same containers with the same ingredients. This action has removed hundreds of waste units from landfill within five years. Nina's Bees products come in recyclable containers and are shipped using recycled cardboard boxes.
Nina's Bees offers a free service to the community by rescuing and rehoming wild bees from public spaces, while educating local schools and community groups on the essential role of bees in the ecosystem. Nina has also welcomed high school students to gain work experience in the apiary and helped primary school children with their beekeeping projects. As part of the "Inspiring the Future" project, Nina volunteers to meet with high school students to talk about her career path and their career options.

Product reviews from our experts…


It feels really great, not greasy, and works well on my calloused hands to soften them up a bit! I love the commitment to bee’s and the three R’s. It is also great to see a small family run business creating wonderful, natural, effective products, while looking after the environment!

–Josh Reid Jones


Living up to its name, this rich balm masterfully combines healing oils to rejuvenate overworked hands. Ideal for both genders and particularly for dry, cracked skin. Its blend of clary sage and beeswax delivers a truly heavenly scent.

I’m such a huge fan of Nina’s Bees and the way it operates with sustainability, ethics and social responsibility at its heart. Thank you for setting the gold standard!

–Emma Freeman


I love the scent and how healing it feels on the hands. I am also impressed by their sustainability initiatives.

–Arjun Sudhir

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