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Nina’s Bees – Honey & Beeswax Soap


GOLD + Editor’s Choice

Nina’s Bees All Natural Honey & Beeswax Calendula Soap is handcrafted at Nina’s Bees apiary in the Blue Mountains using the finest organic oils, beeswax and honey. Bees forage in World Heritage Listed bushland. The soap contains traces of pollen and propolis with moisturizing properties, fighting minor skin infections.

Formulated with excellent clean, mostly organic ingredients including chamomile infused organic olive oil, organic beeswax and essential oils of wintergreen and clary sage.
Nina's Bees is a small family-run apiary that practices natural beekeeping without the use of pesticides or plastic frames. They allow their colonies to build their own comb and determine their own population dynamics, including the mix of sexes. Their beeswax and honey are used to make award-winning skincare products, and in 2022 they were awarded "Best Eco-Friendly Family-Run Apiary Australia" by APAC Business Awards.
Nina's Bees has partnered with Native Oils of Australia to source sustainable, single-origin native essential oils and natural ingredients for their products. The two brands employ sustainable practices and circular models, such as reusing and refilling oil containers and using recyclable packaging, to reduce waste and lower their environmental footprint. In-house batch testing and transparent warehouse management ensure the "Clean and Pure" quality assurance of the production process.
Nina's Bees is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming wild bees from public spaces as a free community service. Nina also provides educational bee talks in local schools and community groups to increase awareness of the essential role bees play in the ecosystem. Students have the opportunity to gain work experience in Nina's Bees apiary, and primary school children are invited to visit the apiary for beekeeping interviews. As part of the "Inspiring the Future" project, Nina volunteers to meet with high school students to discuss career options.

Product reviews from our experts…


Gosh I love so many things about this soap! Oh, Nina, who says accessibility has to be hard? With simple cut out packaging and bee molds, we have a totally unique and tactile product which I won’t confuse with anything else. Plus the unique fragrance would give this soap away any day, and I totally love how silky it is! If there’s a tactile/accessible category, this soap is a clear winner!

OK I’m biased, but this company is very local to me, so in terms of mileage, it’s the lowest. The company also seems to encompass sustainability, education and a circular business model in one, with a great side business of rescuing bees who just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

–Ria Andriani


We are in love with the look of this product and the packaging – Just super sweet! We also love the scent! We love everything about what Nina does. Love the education on bees in schools along with her dedication to rescuing and rehoming bees.

–Kirstie + Sarah


The kids were so excited to open this and see the gorgeous bee motif. Such a gorgeous unboxing experience. The soap is almost too beautiful to use and is a real talking point in our bathroom! 

The respect and care shown towards the MVP’s of this company (the bees) is second to none, and really shows through from first contact with the brand via their website and social media, through to the end product.

–Jessica Mcleod

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