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NO PONG – Flower Power


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. This is a low-bicarb formulation.
No Pong is Certified Cruelty Free and their products are manufactured in Australia. As part of the brand’s ethical approach to ensuring product quality they manufacture to ISO9001 and GMP standards.
No Pong is entirely plastic free, from their tins and envelopes, right through to the tear-strip on the back which does not use a thin plastic strip to aid tearing the envelope open (they custom designed this). The brand believes they were the first deodorant company in Australia to ship in 100% recyclable AND 100% naturally degradable packaging. Furthermore they are currently working on a Carbon footprint audit as the first step of working towards becoming fully Carbon Neutral.
In the past seven years, the brand has donated over $100,000 to various charities and fundraisers, with a focus on supporting charities and fundraisers facilitated by their own customers. The co-founder is also a midwife and passionate advocate for women's health. Melanie has been leading a nursing and midwifery education program at the National Hospital in Timor Leste. No Pong has started a recycling pickup and education program in Timor Leste, in collaboration with a Timor-based engineering company that is recycling plastic waste into a variety of new building products.

What our experts say...


The scent of the product is pleasing and not overpowering, whilst still remaining effective in its job of deodorising. The consistency of the product strikes just the right balance between soft and hard so that it can apply well but not form into balls under clothing during the day. It’s a great mix of absorption and staying power. The size of the tin, and its weight are handbag-friendly. Reading that only ‘artists’ in their field are used every step of the way resonates deeply with my belief in people doing what they are absolutely amazing at. These are the best people to team up with and also it ensures that values are upheld! The hard line on zero plastic use is completely admirable and one which is heartening to see.

–Alena Turley


I really love the No Pong tins, they are super easy to open and they feel great in your hands. With the product itself, it’s so easy to spread, feels light and works well! The smell of this Flower Power scent is so lovely. I like this company’s dedication to the ocean and keeping plastic out of it. They are also very diligent about reducing plastic from every stage of their production line, which I admire!

–Lucy Cousins


I thought I was pretty sold on the cool lavender, but Flower Power is just as lovely – especially on days when I want a bit more mojo than serenity while still maintaining a low fragrance profile. It’s a great example of how the plastic-free model can benefit the environment while still maintaining their competitiveness in the market. I’m glad No Pong didn’t take the easy road and I think it’s paying off because customers do value plastic-free and will champion it.

–Ria Andriani

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