NON Products – NON pre poo toilet spray

RRP: $26.00


This NON pre poo toilet spray effectively eliminates offensive toilet smells by trapping odors below the water’s surface. It ensures a stink-free home with a sweet fragrance, free from toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

Formulated from excellent clean ingredients.
NON Products is an Australian brand that is 100% locally made and owned, using ethically sourced ingredients and non-toxic biodegradable formulae. The products have not been tested on animals and are only used on humans.
NON Products focuses on sustainability efforts by using a bottle made of 100% post consumer recycled plastic and manufacturing it in Australia. The delivery partners they use are 100% carbon neutral and all postal packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable, sourced within Australia.
NON Products supports local charity Thread Together by volunteering 1 day per month to assist in their warehouse picking and packing orders for in-need communities. They also donate to GIVIT on an ad-hoc basis when the cause resonates with them.

Product reviews from our experts…


I like that you spray it first and it eliminates odours as opposed to most sprays you use afterwards to mask smells. I also love the safety lock feature so I can prevent my children from wasting the spray!

I’m impressed by the bottle being made of post-consumer recycled waste. I also love the fact the ingredients are non-toxic, kind to humans and the environment. It is impressive that they give back to the local community via donations!

–Amelia Davatzis


I do think this is a good substitute for nasty air fresheners for households who really want toilet spray and don’t want to make something themselves. I am also impressed by the ingredients used!

–Amanda Jason


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