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Nourished Skin Co – Organic Calendula Balm


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic organic ingredients. Includes organic coconut, calendula, jojoba and lavender.
All ingredients are sourced from local suppliers and certified organic wherever possible. Nourished Skin ensures all ingredients are ethically produced, almost all are pure plant oils. They only use the most minimal of preservatives and these are as natural and clean as possible. Products are all handmade in small batches to ensure minimal wastage.
Nourished Skin offers refills on some products and uses recycled plastic lotion bottles, refill pouches are compostable/biodegradable. All paper/cardboard used is recycled and mailer bags are compostable. Hampers are made with reusable woven baskets, with local native dried stems from local properties (natural debris only). No palm derived ingredients are used and they ensure all cleaning materials are environmentally friendly.
Nourished Skin has supported the local Mornington Peninsula Koala Conservation Group by planting trees. They are planning to donate a portion of online sales to purchase trees for upcoming events. During the local Earth Day sustainable market Nourished Skin donated fundraising prizes. Furthermore they currently have under development a waterless face cream, that does not require any preservatives and only uses organic plant oils.

What our experts say...


It smells beautiful, the texture is cushioney yet melt-worthy. The packaging is lovely, it feels natural while still being premium. The brand undertakes some great initiatives around sustainability and has some impressive goals!

–Sigourney Cantelo


This light-weight balm soaks in instantly, leaving a subtle smell that I love. I also love the packaging of this balm – the glass jar and the bamboo lid looks lovely on my side table. This balm is really good for my toddlers chest as well to help her drift off to sleep. I love that these products are tested on mums, and that they contain mainly pure plant oils, which are ethically sourced. I also love their refill program, and the fact that they are small-batch homemade products – Beautifully made!

–Lucy Cousins


This is one of the most beautiful silky and buttery balms I have ever tried. It goes on like butter and has a wonderful citrusy sweet scent. The packaging details are so nice and I love the size of the jar I love that they make sure their ingredients are ethically sourced and they create their product in small batches to be more environmentally conscious.I also love the work they are doing to plant trees through a new future initiative!

–Stephanie Kurlow

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