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Novellus Skin Care – Active Facial Serum


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes organic chamomile and papaya extracts in an organic aloe base.
Manufactured in Byron Bay, the Novellus Skin Care range is formulated with high-quality Native Australian ingredients sourced by trusted formulators. The company deeply values the farmers that cultivate and nurture these native plants.
All Novellus products are housed within glass containers and packaging has been designed with re-purpose / re-use in mind. Novellus also use postal packaging that is made from sustainable plants and non-toxic compostable resin.
Novellus Skin Care actively build relationships with other female-founded brands and small businesses that support local and ethically-made products. They believe the beauty industry should not have stereotypes and work to ensure everyone is represented at Novellus and a sense of diversity and inclusivity exists.

What our experts say...

The texture is a great balance between being watery and light-weight, alongside nourishing. Great for combination skin that cannot tolerate oils. I like the papaya-based ingredients. I also like that this brand is female-founded, and their formulas are focused on Australian natives and sustainability. They are also trying to be more eco-friendly which is great to see.

– Neha Hobson

A satisfyingly viscous serum that is pumped with botanicals and leaves my skin feeling happy and hydrated. Novellus Skin Care have made good efforts to work with responsible suppliers and to collaborate with other like minded female-founded businesses.

–Sigourney Cantelo

This highly concentrated serum contains a powerhouse of active ingredients including various plant stem cell extracts. I have been careful to only use a small amount every couple of days as such a high concentration can really dry out my skin. I’m really looking forward to using this long term to assist with my hyperpigmentation. I appreciate the use of native plants as ingredients and the brand’s efforts to use reusable / recyclable packaging and zero waste mailers.

–Emma Freeman

A super gentle aloe-based serum which can be used on sensitive skin, whilst still providing the nourishment of actives for nurturing and renewal. I really enjoy how hydrated, plump and soothed it makes my skin feel.

–Emily Fletcher

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