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Nuebar – Conditioner All Hair Types


Gold + Editor's Choice
Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients.
Nuebar is Australian made, contains Certified Organic content, is 100% Palm Oil Free (Orangutan Alliance Certified), Cruelty Free (Choose Cruelty Free accredited) and Vegan. The brand does not use MICA, due to the child labour issues involved in Mica mining. In addition, their products are sulfate free, artificial fragrance free, paraben free and naturopathically formulated to be low tox.
Nuebar products are biodegradable solid format products that are all in plastic free packaging. Instead, the brand uses recycled paper packaging with soy inks that are printed in Australia. All fulfilment via Nurbar’s online store is 100% plastic free.
10% of profit goes to Tangaroa Blue (plastics prevention and recovery charity).

What our experts say...

I love that it not only conditions my hair but it acts as a detangler too. I was skeptical about using a block conditioner but once rinsed out, my fingers and brush glided straight through my hair without any knots or tangles. Incredible! Once my hair is dry, it is soft and smooth – no fly-aways. I liked that there is zero plastic or waste. No bulky bottles or packaging taking up room in my shower or our environment – just this compact block conditioner, which is small but mighty!

– Marisa Robinson

With long, fine, bleached hair I have loads of troubles with knots. This untangles my hair with lots of slip factor in 3 rubs over the length of my hair, whereas normally with conditioner bars, I need at least 10 to get the conditioning that I need. Deeply conditioning, but also leaves my hair looking clean and not greasy. Excellent on my daughter’s long curls too.

–Emily Fletcher

A favourite of mine from last year! A wonderfully moisturising conditioner bar that glides onto the hair after shampooing. As someone with super-dry hair (after years of highlighting) this conditioner bar truly is a blessing. Hair looks and feels both hydrated and voluminous after use. I absolutely adore the scent and colour and the fact that it’s ZERO WASTE!

–Emma Freeman

A lightweight and nourishing conditioner.

–Paloma Garcia

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